Korea Virus Research Institute(한국바이러스기초연구소)34

Korea Virus Research Institute한국바이러스기초연구소
The Korea Virus Research Institute (KVRI) was launched under the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in July 2021. The KVRI consists of two research centers. It is the Center for Study of Emerging and Re-emerging Viruses and the Center for Viral Immunology.

KVRI was established with the purpose of conducting basic science research to combat newly emerging viruses in the post-COVID era.

Additionally, virus research provides the scientific basis for curing intractable diseases such as atopy and cancer.

Among worldwide competition to secure knowledge and technology related to viruses, KVRI aims to conduct world-class research on viruses and foster scientific cooperation in Kores and aroud the world.

Website : https://www.ibs.re.kr/kvri/


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