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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Alveolar Macrophages Treated With Bacillus subtilis Spore Protect Mice Infected With Respiratory Syncytial Virus A2Ji Eun Hong; Yoon-Chul Kye; Sung-Moo Park, et al
2016-11CD45-mediated control of TCR tuning in naive and memory CD8(+) T cellsJae-Ho Cho; Hee-Ok Kim; Young-Jun Ju, et al
2019-07Cyclic Dinucleotides Inhibit Osteoclast Differentiation Through STING-Mediated Interferon-β SignalingYeongkag Kwon; Ok-Jin Park; Jiseon Kim, et al
2016-01Differential responsiveness of innate-like IL-17- and IFN-γ- producing γδ T cells to homeostatic cytokinesCorpuz T.M.; Stolp J.; Hee-Ok Kim, et al
2016-06Naïve CD8 + T cell derived tumor-specific cytotoxic effectors as a potential remedy for overcoming TGF-β immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironmentNguyen H.H.; Kim T.; Song S.Y., et al
2018-08Spontaneous Proliferation of CD4(+) T Cells in RAG-Deficient Hosts Promotes Antigen-Independent but IL-2-Dependent Strong Proliferative Response of Naive CD8(+) T CellsJuhee Kim; Jun Young Lee; Kyungjin Cho, et al
2017-08T Cell's Sense of Self: a Role of Self-Recognition in Shaping Functional Competence of Naïve T CellsHee-Ok Kim; Jae-Ho Cho
2018-02Transcription factor KLF10 constrains IL-17-committed Vγ4+ γδ T cellsGirak Kim; Min Jeong Gu; Soo Ji Kim, et al
2013-12Unique Features of Naive CD8+ T Cell Activation by IL-2Jae Ho Cho; Hee-Ok Kim; Kyu-Sik Kim, et al