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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12TALEN-based knockout library for human microRNAsYoung-Kook Kim; Gabbine Wee; Joha Park, et al
2014-05A guide to genome engineering with programmable nucleasesHighly Cited PaperHyongbum Kim; Jin-Soo Kim
2014-06Targeted inversion and reversion of the blood coagulation factor 8 gene in iPS cells using TALENsChul-Yong Park; Jungeun Kim; Jiyeon Kweon, et al
2014-06Highly efficient RNA-guided genome editing in human cells via delivery of purified Cas9 ribonucleoproteinsHighly Cited PaperSojung Kim; Daesik Kim; Seung Woo Cho, et al
2014-07RNA-Guided Genome Editing in Drosophila with the Purified Cas9 ProteinJeong-Soo Lee; Su-Jin Kwak; Jungeun Kim, et al
2014-07Microhomology-based choice of Cas9 nuclease target sitesSangsu Bae; Jiyeon Kweon; Heon Seok Kim, et al
2014-08Hepatitis C Virus Entry Is Impaired by Claudin-1 Downregulation in Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase-1-Deficient CellsPil Soo Sung; Asako Murayama; Wonseok Kang, et al
2014-08Enrichment of cells with TALEN-induced mutations using surrogate reportersYoung-Hoon Kim; Suresh Ramakrishna; Hyongbum Kim, et al
2014-10Improving the accuracy of expression data analysis in time course experiments using resamplingWalter, W; Striberny, B; Gaquerel, E, et al
2014-11Genome engineering in human cellsMinjung Song; Young-Hoon Kim; Jin-Soo Kim, et al
2014-12Species-wide genetic incompatibility analysis identifies immune genes as hot spots of deleterious epistasisChae E.; Bomblies K.; Sang-Tae Kim, et al
2015-01Gene inactivation using the CRISPR/Cas9 system in the nematode Pristionchus pacificusHanh Witte; Eduatdo Moreno; Christian Rodelsperger, et al
2015-03Digenome-seq: Genome-wide profiling of CRISPR-Cas9 off-target effects in human cellsHighly Cited PaperDaesik Kim; Sangsu Bae; Jeongbin Park, et al
2015-05CRISPR germline engineering - The community speaksKatrine S Bosley; Michael Botchan; Annelien Bredenoord, et al
2015-06Single geographic origin of a widespread autotetraploid arabidopsis arenosa lineage followed by interploidy admixtureArnold B.; Sang-Tae Kim; Bomblies K.
2015-06Measuring and Reducing Off-Target Activities of Programmable Nucleases Including CRISPR-Cas9Taeyoung Koo; Jungjoon Lee; Jin Soo Kim
2015-07Hematopoietic Signaling Mechanism Revealed from a Stem/Progenitor Cell CistromeKyle J. Hewitt; Duk Hyoung Kim; Prithvia Devadas, et al
2015-07Self-Assembly into Nanoparticles Is Essential for Receptor Mediated Uptake of Therapeutic Antisense OligonucleotidesEzzat K.; Aoki Y.; Taeyoung Koo, et al
2015-07Efficient PRNP deletion in bovine genome using gene-editing technologies in bovine cellsWooJae Choi; Eunji Kim; Soo-Young Yum, et al
2015-08Functional Correction of Large Factor VIII Gene Chromosomal Inversions in Hemophilia A Patient-Derived iPSCs Using CRISPR-Cas9Chul-Yong Park; Duk Hyoung Kim; Jeong Sang Son, et al
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