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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04U(N) Yang-Mills in non-commutative space timeNaser Ahmadiniaz; Edwards, JP; Corradini, O, et al
2018-10U-tail as a guardian against invading RNAsJinah Yeo; V.Narry Kim
2018-01Ubiquitous formation of bulk Dirac cones and topological surface states from a single orbital manifold in transition-metal dichalcogenidesBahramy M.S.; Clark O.J.; Bohm Jung Yang, et al
2018-12ULK1 O-GlcNAcylation Is Crucial for Activating VPS34 via ATG14L during Autophagy InitiationKi Eun Pyo; Chang Rok Kim; Minkyoung Lee, et al
2019-10Ultra fast metal-free reduction catalyst of partial oxidized violet phosphorus synthesized via controlled mechanical energyRak Hyun Jeong; Dong In Kim; Ji Won Lee, et al
2015-10Ultra-high modulation depth exceeding 2,400% in optically controlled topological surface plasmonsSim, S.; Jang, H.; Koirala, N., et al
2019-04Ultra-low loading of IrO2 with an inverse-opal structure in a polymer-exchange membrane water electrolysisJi Eun Park; Sungjun Kim; Kim O.-H., et al
2014-04Ultra-low overpotential and high rate capability in Li-O-2 batteries through surface atom arrangement of PdCu nanocatalystsRan Choi; Jung, J; Kim, G, et al
2016-01Ultra-mechanically stable and transparent conductive electrodes using transferred grid of Ag nanowires on flexible substrateHyejin Jang; Dongjae Kim; Hyowon Tak, et al
2015-03Ultra-Thin Hollow Carbon Nanospheres for Pseudocapacitive Sodium-Ion StorageYun, YS; Cho, SY; Kim, H, et al
2019-05Ultra-Thin ReS2 Nanosheets Grown on Carbon Black for Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery AnodesYaping Yan; Kyeong-Youn Song; Minwoo Cho, et al
2017-01Ultra-Wideband Multi-Dye-Sensitized Upconverting Nanoparticles for Information Security ApplicationJongha Lee; Byeongjun Yoo; Hakyong Lee, et al
2019-10Ultracompliant Carbon Nanotube Direct Bladder DeviceDongxiao Yan; Tim M. Bruns; Yuting Wu, et al
2013-11Ultrafast biexciton spectroscopy in semiconductor quantum dots: Evidence for early emergence of multiple-exciton generationYounghwan Choi; Sim S.; Seong Chu Lim, et al
2019-09Ultrafast Catalyst-Free Graphene Growth on Glass Assisted by Local Fluorine SupplyXie Y.; Ting Cheng; Liu C., et al
2019-04Ultrafast charge transfer coupled with lattice phonons in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworksTae Wu Kim; Sunhong Jun; Yoonhoo Ha, et al
2019-12Ultrafast Chemical Exchange Dynamics of Hydrogen Bonds Observed via Isonitrile Infrared Sensors: Implications for Biomolecular StudiesKubel, Joachim; Lee, Giseong; Ooi, Saik Ann, et al
2013-04Ultrafast direct imaging using a single high harmonic burstKyougn Hwan Lee; Seung Beom Park; Himanshu Singhal, et al
2019-10Ultrafast dynamics in the Lifshitz-type 5d pyrochlore antiferromagnet Cd2Os2O7Inho Kwak; Min-Cheol Lee; Byung Cheol Park, et al
2013-10Ultrafast dynamics of autoionizing states in O2 probed by laser-field-assisted XUV photoionizationZhu C.; Dong Hyuk Ko; Kyung Sik Kang, et al