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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Water-Responsive Polymer Composites on the MoveHyoki Kim; Sunghoon Kwon
2015-04Water-soluble thin film transistors and circuits based on amorphous indium-gallium-zinc oxideSung Hun Jin; Seung-Kyun Kang; In-Tak Cho, et al
2019-01Wave Packet Spreading with Disordered Nonlinear Discrete-Time Quantum WalksVakulchyk I.; Fistul M.V.; Flach S.
2019-01Weakly exceptional singularities of log del Pezzo surfacesKim I.-K.; Joonyeong Won
2018-05Weakly Nonergodic Dynamics in the Gross-Pitaevskii LatticeThudiyangal Mithun; Yagmur Kati; Carlo Danieli, et al
2019-05Wearable and Implantable Devices for Cardiovascular Healthcare: from Monitoring to Therapy Based on Flexible and Stretchable ElectronicsYongseok Joseph Hong; Jeong H.; Kyoung Won Cho, et al
2019-01Wearable and Implantable Soft Bioelectronics Using Two-Dimensional MaterialsChangsoon Choi; Youngsik Lee; Kyoung Won Cho, et al
2017-10Wearable Electrocardiogram Monitor Using Carbon Nanotube Electronics and Color-Tunable Organic Light-Emitting DiodesJa Hoon Koo; Jeong S.; Hyung Joon Shim, et al
2015-11Wearable Fall Detector using Integrated Sensors and Energy DevicesSungmook Jung; Seungki Hong; Jaemin Kim, et al
2017-02Wearable Force Touch Sensor Array Using a Flexible and Transparent ElectrodeJun-Kyul Song; Donghee Son; Jaemin Kim, et al
2015-05Wearable red–green–blue quantum dot light-emitting diode array using high-resolution intaglio transfer printingHighly Cited PaperMoon Kee Choi; Jiwoong Yang; Kwanghun Kang, et al
2017-09Wearable Sensing Systems with Mechanically Soft Assemblies of Nanoscale MaterialsYoungsik Lee; Jaemin Kim; Hyunwoo Joo, et al
2017-03Wearable/disposable sweat-based glucose monitoring device with multistage transdermal drug delivery moduleHighly Cited PaperHyunjae Lee; Changyeong Song; Yong Seok Hong, et al
2018-12Web-based design and analysis tools for CRISPR base editingHwang G.-H.; Park J.; Kayeong Lim, et al
2018-08Weighted Hurwitz numbers and topological recursion: An overviewAlexandrov A.; Chapuy G.; Eynard B., et al
2017-12Well-defined and stable nanomicelles self-assembled from brush cyclic and tadpole copolymer amphiphiles: a versatile smart carrier platformBrian J Ree; Yusuke Satoh; Kyeong Sik Jin, et al
2016-06Weyl fermions and spin dynamics of metallic ferromagnet SrRuO3Shinichi Itoh; Yasuo Endoh; Tetsuya Yokoo, et al
2017-05Weyl invariance for generalized supergravity backgrounds from the doubled formalismJun-ichi Sakamoto; Yuho Sakatani; KentarohYoshida
2017-11Weyl rings and enhanced susceptibilities in pyrochlore iridates: k · p analysis of cluster dynamical mean-field theory resultsWang R.; Go A.; Millis A.
2020-02What caused the extraordinarily hot 2018 summer in Korea?Kyung-Ja HA; Ji-Hye YEO; Ye-Won SEO, et al