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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01Nature of Active Sites and Their Quantitative Measurement in Two-Dimensional Pt Metal CatalystsSunyoung Oh; Kamran Qadir; Jeong Young Park
2013-11Nature of Rh oxide on Rh nanoparticles and its effect on the catalytic activity of CO oxidationSun Mi Kim; Kamran Qadir; Seo, B., et al
2017-08Nature-Inspired Construction of Two-Dimensionally Self-Assembled Peptide on Pristine GrapheneNo, YH; Kim, NH; Gnapareddy, B, et al
2019-02Navigating around Patented Routes by Preserving Specific Motifs along Computer-Planned Retrosynthetic PathwaysKarol Molga; Piotr Dittwald; Bartosz A. Grzybowski
2020-01Near-Field Electrospinning for Three-Dimensional Stacked Nanoarchitectures with High Aspect RatiosYang-Seok Park; Junyoung Kim; Jung Min Oh, et al
2018-05Near-field exciton imaging of chemically treated MoS2 monolayersYoungbum Kim; Yongjun Lee; Hyun Kim, et al
2017-02Near-field spectral mapping of individual exciton complexes of monolayer WS2 correlated with local defects and charge populationYongjun Lee; Seok Joon Yun; Young Bum Kim, et al
2020-02Near-field sub-diffraction photolithography with an elastomeric photomaskSangyoon Paik; Gwangmook Kim; Sehwan Chang, et al
2019-04Near-field visualization of charge transfer at MoSe2/WSe2 lateral heterojunctionYoungbum Kim; Seok Joon Yun; Eunji Lee, et al
2018-10Near-Infrared Electroluminescence and Low Threshold Amplified Spontaneous Emission above 800 nm from a Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent EmitterYe, H; Dae Hyeon Kim; Chen, XK, et al
2018-07Near-zero hysteresis and near-ideal subthreshold swing in h-BN encapsulated single-layer MoS2 field-effect transistorsQuoc An Vu; Sidi Fan; Sang Hyup Lee, et al
2019-01Necessary and sufficient conditions for flat bands in M-dimensional N-band lattices with complex-valued nearest-neighbour hoppingL A Toikka; A Andreanov
2020-03Necklace-like Nitrogen-Doped Tubular Carbon 3D Frameworks for Electrochemical Energy StorageRecep Yuksel; Onur Buyukcakir; Panda P.K., et al
2013-08Negative magnetostrictive magnetoelectric coupling of BiFeO3Sanghyun Lee; Fernandez-Diaz, M.T.; Kimura, H., et al
2014-04Negative role of inducible PD-1 on survival of activated dendritic cellsSeong Jeong Park; Hong Namkoong; Junsang Doh, et al
2014-10Negative-Tone Block Copolymer Lithography by In Situ Surface Chemical ModificationBong Hoon Kim; Byeon, KJ; Ju Young Kim, et al
2018-05Nematicity and magnetism in LaFeAsO single crystals probed by As 75 nuclear magnetic resonanceJ. M. Ok; Baek S.-H.; Efremov D.V., et al
2017-02Nerve agent simulant diethyl chlorophosphate detection using a cyclization reaction approach with high stokes shift systemYoon Jeong Jang; Sandip V. Mulay; Youngsam Kim, et al
2013-08Neural activity in mediodorsal nucleus of thalamus in rats performing a working memory taskJihyero Han; Ji Hyun Lee; Min Jung Kim, et al
2017-09Neural Activity Patterns in the Human Brain Reflect Tactile Stickiness PerceptionJunsuk Kim; Jiwon Yeon; Jaekyun Ryu, et al