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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Modified polyol method for a highly alloyed PtRu/C electrocatalyst: Effect of hot injection of metal precursor and NaOHIn-Hwan Ko; Lee W.-D.; Baek J.Y., et al
2019-11Modified potential for atomistic simulation of the growth of carbon materials from binary alloy catalystsJaewoong Hur
2019-10Modular thermal Hall effect measurement setup for fast-turnaround screening of materials over wide temperature range using capacitive thermometryHa-Leem Kim; Matthew John Coak; Baglo J.C., et al
2016-11Modulating Electronic Properties of Monolayer MoS2 via Electron-Withdrawing Functional Groups of Graphene OxideHye Min Oh; Hyun Jeong; Gang Hee Han, et al
2016-02Modulating foveal representation can influence visual discrimination in the peripheryQing Yu; Won Mok Shim
2017-04Modulating Ion Transport and Self-Assembly of Polymer Electrolytes via End-Group ChemistryHa Young Jung; Prithwiraj Mandal; Gyuha Jo, et al
2019-04Modulating the Functions of MoS 2 /MoTe 2 van der Waals Heterostructure via Thickness VariationNgoc Thanh Duong; Juchan Lee; Seungho Bang, et al
2019-02Modulation instability associated nonlinear dynamics of spin-orbit coupled Bose - Einstein condensatesMithun, Thudiyangal; Kenichi Kasamatsu
2018-09Modulation of ACD6 dependent hyperimmunity by natural alleles of an Arabidopsis thaliana NLR resistance geneWangsheng Zhu; Maricris Zaidem; Anna-Lena Van de Weyer, et al
2016-12Modulation of gut microbiota and delayed immunosenescence as a result of syringaresinol consumption in middle-aged miceSi-Young Cho; Juewon Kim; Ji Hae Lee, et al
2019-10Modulation of tropical cyclones in the southeastern part of western North Pacific by tropical Pacific decadal variabilityLiu C.; Zhang W.; Geng X., et al
2015-08Modulation, asymmetry and the diurnal variation in axionic dark matter searchesYannis Semertzidis; John D. Vergados
2020-01Modulational Instability, Inter-Component Asymmetry, and Formation of Quantum Droplets in One-Dimensional Binary Bose GasesThudiyangal Mithun; Aleksandra Maluckov; Kenichi Kasamatsu, et al
2018-04Modulus D-term inflationKenji Kadota; Tatsuo Kobayashi; Ikumi Saga, et al
2020-02Modus Operandi of Simultaneous Covering Synthesis from Precursor Heterogeneity for Shelled Nanorods for Multipotent Cancer TheranosticsYim G.; Kang S.; Kim H., et al
2018-10MOF-Derived Bifunctional Iron Oxide and Iron Phosphide Nanoarchitecture Photoelectrode for Neutral Water SplittingSubhash Chandra Shit; Indranil Mondal; Saikiran Pendem, et al
2017-10Moiré Superstructure and Dimensional Crossover of 2D Electronic States on Nanoscale Lead Quantum FilmsHyo Sung Kim; Gyeongcheol Gye; Sung-Hoon Lee, et al
2015-07Moisture Barrier Composites Made of Non-Oxidized Graphene FlakesKim, J; Song, SH; Im, HG, et al
2019-12Moisture proof hole transport layers based on CISe quantum dots for highly stable and large active area perovskite solar cellsKim J.-Y.; Woonhyuk Baek; Kim S., et al
2016-06Molecular and systems approaches towards drought-tolerant canola cropsZhu, MM; Monroe, JG; Suhail, Y, et al