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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Microscopic mechanism of room-temperature superconductivity in compressed LaH10Liangliang Liu; Chongze Wang; Seho Yi, et al
2018-03Microscopic States and the Verwey Transition of Magnetite Nanocrystals Investigated by Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceSumin Lim; Baeksoon Choi; Sang Young Lee, et al
2018-11Microsphere-based interferometric optical probeYongjae Jo; Junhwan Kwon; Moonseok Kim, et al
2014-12Microstructural Characteristics of Tin Oxide-Based Thin Films on (0001) Al2O3 Substrates: Effects of Substrate Temperature and RF Power During Co-SputteringSooyeon Hwang; Ju Ho Lee; Young Yi Kim, et al
2013-03Microstructural characterization and formation mechanism of 21° top facets of ZnO-based nanowall structuresJu Ho Lee; Kim D.C.; Sang Yun Kim, et al
2012-12Microtubes with Rectangular Cross-Section by Self-Assembly of a Short β-Peptide FoldamerJangbae Kim; Kwon, Sunbum; Kim, Su Hyun, et al
2014-01Microtubule-associated protein tau is essential for long-term depression in the hippocampusTetsuya Kimura; Daniel J. Whitcomb; Jihoon Jo, et al
2019-04Microwave cavity perturbation of nitrogen doped nano-crystalline diamond filmsJerome A. Cuenca; Kamatchi Jothiramalingam Sankaran; Paulius Pobedinskas, et al
2016-05Migration mechanism of a GaN bicrystalline grain boundary as a model systemLee, SB; Yoo, SJ; Young-Min Kim, et al
2018-06Miktoarm Amphiphilic Block Copolymer with Singlet Oxygen-Labile Stereospecific beta-Aminoacrylate Junction: Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Photodynamically Triggered Drug ReleaseSaravanakumar, G; Park, H; Kim, J, et al
2018-07Millisecond cellular labelling in situ with two-photon photoconversionSheldon J. J. Kwok; Yongjae Jo; Harvey H. Lin, et al
2019-12Mim-width III. Graph powers and generalized distance domination problemsLars Jaffke; O-joung Kwon; Torstein J.F.Strømmea, et al
2016-06Mini force: The (B-L)+xY gauge interaction with a light mediatorHye-Sung Lee; Seokhoon Yun
2017-11Minimal flavor violation with axion-like particlesKiwoon Choi; Sang Hui Im; Chan Beom Park, et al
2017-10Minimal flavored U(1)′ for B -meson anomaliesLigong Bian; Soo-Min Choi; Yoo-Jin Kang, et al
2016-01Minimal models for axion and neutrinoY. H. Ahn; Chun E.J.
2020-05Minimalistic Principles for Designing Small Molecules with Multiple Reactivities against Pathological Factors in DementiaMingeun Kim; Juhye Kang; Misun Lee, et al
2019-01Minimizing Trap Charge Density towards an Ideal Diode in Graphene-Silicon Schottky Solar CellSubash Adhikari; Chandan Biswas; Manh-Ha Doan, et al
2015-01MiR-155 augments CD8+ T-cell antitumor activity in lymphoreplete hosts by enhancing responsiveness to homeostatic γc cytokinesJi Y.; Wrzesinski C.; Yu Z., et al
2016-04miR-204 downregulates EphB2 in aging mouse hippocampal neuronsChand Parvez Danka Mohammed; Rhee, H; Bong-Kwan Phee, et al