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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Microbial Colonization at Early Life Promotes the Development of Diet-Induced CD8 alpha beta Intraepithelial T CellsJisun Jung; Charles D. Surh; You Jeong Lee
2016-01Microbial Hub Taxa Link Host and Abiotic Factors to Plant Microbiome VariationHighly Cited PaperAgler M.T.; Ruhe J.; Kroll S., et al
2018-03Microbial warfare against virusesJin Soo Kim
2018-12Microbiota-Derived Lactate Accelerates Intestinal Stem-Cell-Mediated Epithelial DevelopmentLee Y.-S.; Kim T.-Y.; Kim Y., et al
2015-02Microbiota-independent ameliorative effects of antibiotics on spontaneous Th2-associated pathology of the small intestineDaehee Han; Walsh M.C.; Kwang Soon Kim, et al
2017-02Microbubbles trigger oscillation of crystal size in solidsAnna Kollath; Nadzeya Brezhneva; Ekaterina V. Skorb, et al
2015-03Microdroplet fusion mass spectrometry for fast reaction kineticsJae Kyoo Lee; Samuel Kim; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2017-02Microdroplet fusion mass spectrometry: accelerated kinetics of acid-induced chlorophyll demetallationLee, JK; Hong Gil Nam; Zare, RN
2014-07Microhomology-based choice of Cas9 nuclease target sitesSangsu Bae; Jiyeon Kweon; Heon Seok Kim, et al
2017-04Microhomology-mediated end joining induces hypermutagenesis at breakpoint junctionsSinha S.; Li F.; Villarreal D., et al
2019-07Micrometer-Sized Water Droplets Induce Spontaneous ReductionJae Kyoo Lee.; Devleena Samanta; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2018-09Microporosity‐Controlled Synthesis of Heteroatom Codoped Carbon Nanocages by Wrap‐Bake‐Sublime Approach for Flexible All‐Solid‐State‐SupercapacitorsVinayak S. Kale; Minsik Hwang; Hogeun Chang, et al
2013-06Microporous aluminophosphate nanosheets and their nanomorphic zeolite analogues tailored by hierarchical structure-directing aminesYongbeom Seo; Sungjune Lee; Changbum Jo, et al
2015-08Microporous carbon nanosheets with redox-active heteroatoms for pseudocapacitive charge storageYun, Y.S.; Kim, D.-H.; Hong, S.J., et al
2018-06Microprocessor depends on hemin to recognize the apical loop of primary microRNATuan Anh Nguyen; Joha Park; Thi Lieu Dang, et al
2016-10MicroRNA-139-5p regulates proliferation of hematopoietic progenitors and is repressed during BCR-ABL-mediated leukemogenesisChoi, J; Young-Kook Kim; Park, K, et al
2017-08MicroRNA-143 and-145 modulate the phenotype of synovial fibroblasts in rheumatoid arthritisBong-Ki Hong; Sungyong You; Seung-Ah Yoo, et al
2016-09MicroRNA-Responsive Drug Release System for Selective Fluorescence Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy In VivoJi-Seon Lee; Seongchan Kim; Hee-Kyung Na, et al
2017-12MicroRNAs in brain agingChand Parvez Danka Mohammed; Jun Soo Park; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2013-05Microscopic insight into the bilateral formation of carbon spirals from a symmetric iron coreShiozawa, Hidetsugu; Bachmatiuk, Alicja; Stangl, Andreas, et al