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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02A turn-on fluorescent probe for the detection of permanganate in aqueous mediaGeonggongwo Shi; Mushtaq Ahmed Shahid; Muhammad Yousuf, et al
2015-02A tyrosine phosphorylation switch controls the interaction between the transmembrane modulator protein Wzd and the tyrosine kinase Wze of Lactobacillus rhamnosusHye-Ji Kang; Gilbert C.; Badeaux F., et al
2016-08A universal explanation of tunneling conductance in exotic superconductorsJongbae Hong; D.S.L.Abergel
2014-01A universal transfer route for grapheneGorantla, Sandeep; Alicja Bachmatiuk; Hwang, Jeonghyun, et al
2015-08A Van Der Waals Homojunction: Ideal p–n Diode Behavior in MoSe2Youngjo Jin; Dong Hoon Keum; Sung-Jin An, et al
2017-11A viable D-term hybrid inflation modelKenji Kadota; Tatsuo Kobayashi; Keigo Sumita
2016-01A wearable multiplexed silicon nonvolatile memory array using nanocrystal charge confinementJaemin Kim; Donghee Son; Mincheol Lee, et al
2018-04A Wireless Chemical Sensing Scheme using Ultrasonic Imaging of Silica-Particle-Embedded Hydrogels (Silicagel)J.H. Park; Kim A.; H. Jiang, et al
2019-10A zero-background CRISPR binary vector system for construction of sgRNA libraries in plant functional genomics applicationsJae‑Young Yun; Sang‑Tae Kim; Kim S.-G., et al
2019-03Ab initio Modeling of the Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation Spectrum of Interfacial WaterLiang, Chungwen; Jonggu Jeon; Minhaeng Cho
2014-11Ab Initio Study of Thin Oxide-Metal Over layers as an Inverse Catalytic System for Dioxygen Reduction and Enhanced CO ToleranceShin, D; Sinthika, S; Choi, M, et al
2019-09Abelian Arithmetic Chern-Simons Theory and Arithmetic Linking NumbersChung, HJ; Kim, D; Kim, M, et al
2017-11Abiotic production of sugar phosphates and uridine ribonucleoside in aqueous microdropletsInho Nam; Jae Kyoo Lee; Hong Gil Nam, et al
2018-01Abiotic synthesis of purine and pyrimidine ribonucleosides in aqueous microdropletsInho Nam; Hong Gil Nam; Richard N. Zare
2017-05Ablation laser fluence as an effective parameter to control superconductivity in Ba1−xKxBiO3 filmsHodong Lee; Minu Kim; Oleksandr B Korneta, et al
2016-06Abnormal behavior of optical signal transfer in pi-conjugated organic microplates and focused electron-beam-treated nanorodsPark, HJ; Jo, SG; Jeongyong Kim, et al
2018-10Abnormal phase flip in the coherent phonon oscillations of Ca2RuO4Min-Cheol Lee; Choong Hyun Kim; Inho Kwak, et al
2018-04Abnormal self-discharge in lithiom-ion batteriesWon Mo Seong; Kyu-Young Park; Myeong Hwan Lee, et al
2014-10Absence of Luttinger liquid behavior in Au-Ge wires: A high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy studyJewook Park; Nakatsuji K.; Kim T.-H., et al
2016-09Absorption dichroism of monolayer 1T’-MoTe2 in visible rangeGang Hee Han; Dong Hoon Keum; Jiong Zhao, et al
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