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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08A simple, flexible and high-throughput cloning system for plant genome editing via CRISPR-Cas systemHyeran Kim; Sang-Tae Kim; Jahee Ryu, et al
2018-11A simulation study of Top and Bottom Counting Detectors in ISS-CREAM experiment for cosmic ray electron physicsPark, JM; Amare, Y; Anderson, T, et al
2016-01A simulation-based study of the neutron backgrounds for NaI dark matter experimentsE. J. Jeon; Y.D. Kim
2015-03A size dependent evaluation of the cytotoxicity and uptake of nanographene oxideMendes R.G.; Koch B.; Alicja Bachmatiuk, et al
2016-06A soft, transparent, freely accessible cranial window for chronic imaging and electrophysiologyChaejeong Heo; Hyejin Park; Yong-Tae Kim, et al
2015-08A solventless mix-bake-wash approach to the facile controlled synthesis of core-shell and alloy Ag-Cu bimetallic nanoparticlesChoi E.; Lee S.; Yuanzhe Piao
2016-11A storage ring experiment to detect a proton electric dipole momentAnastassopoulos V.; Andrianov S.; Baartman R., et al
2014-11A strategy to overcome the limits of carbon-based materials as lithium-ion battery anodesFei Yao; Bing Li; Kangpyo So, et al
2017-11A String Theory Which Isn't About StringsKanghoon Lee; Soo-Jong Rey; J.A. Rosabal
2018-08A Study of (CaMoO4)-Ca-48depl-Mo-100 Scintillation Crystals for the AMoRE-I ExperimentLee, JY; Aryal, P; Karki, S, et al
2020-02A Study of NaI(Tl) crystal encapsulation using organic scintillators for the dark matter searchLee J.Y.; Adhikari G.; Chang Hyon Ha, et al
2016-04A Study of Radioactive Contamination of 40Ca100MoO4 Crystals for the AMoRE ExperimentLee J.Y.; Alenkov V.; Ali L., et al
2019-01A Superior Method for Constructing Electrical Percolation Network of Nanocomposite Fibers: In Situ Thermally Reduced Silver NanoparticlesC. Muhammed Ajmal; Seonghyun Bae; Seunghyun Baik
2017-09A synthesis of novel expanded porphyrinoids: NiII-induced nitrile cyclization of dicyanovinylene-bis(: Meso -aryl)dipyrrinNathan H. Faialaga; Satoru Ito; Hiroshi Shinokubo, et al
2016-09A Systematic Approach for the Determination of B-Group Vitamins in Multivitamin Dietary Supplements by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode-Array Detection and Mass SpectrometryHee-Jung Sim; Kim, B; Lee, J
2017-02A systematic effective operator analysis of semi-annihilating dark matterYi Cai; Andrew Spray
2016-09A systematic study of the synthesis of monolayer tungsten diselenide films on gold foilSeok Joon Yun; Soo Min Kim; Ki Kang Kim, et al
2019-10A TBR1-K228E Mutation Induces Tbr1 Upregulation, Altered Cortical Distribution of Interneurons, Increased Inhibitory Synaptic Transmission, and Autistic-Like Behavioral Deficits in MiceChaehyun Yook; Kyungdeok Kim; Doyoun Kim, et al
2019-04A thermoresponsive nanocarrier for mitochondria-targeted drug deliveryWang D.; Huang H.; Zhou M., et al
2015-03A tin-free route to trans -Diels-Alder motifs by visible light photoredox catalysisJun Hee Lee; Mho S.-I.
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