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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06A novel laser-collider used to produce monoenergetic 13.3 MeV 7Li (d, n) neutronsZhao J.R.; Zhang X.P.; Yuan D.W., et al
2018-06A novel mechanism of regulation of SHPRH by circular RNA, circ-SHPRH in glioblastomaShinseog Kim; Soomin Kim; Yuri Seo, et al
2019-07A novel method to test non-exclusive hypotheses applied to Arctic ice projections from dependent modelsR. Olson; An S.-I.; Fan Y., et al
2016-07A novel model of THO/TREX loading onto target RNAs in metazoan gene expressionHur J.K.; Chung Y.D.
2016-02A novel quasi-one-dimensional topological insulator in bismuth iodide β-Bi4I4Autès G.; Isaeva A.; Moreschini L., et al
2018-11A one-step method for covalent bond immobilization of biomolecules on silica operated in aqueous solutionYong-Kyun Sim; Heetae Jung; Su Hyun Kim, et al
2018-02A palette of background-free tame fluorescent probes for intracellular multi-color labelling in live cellsAlamudi S.H.; Su D.; Lee K.J., et al
2016-11A palladium and gold catalytic system enables direct access to O- and S-linked non-natural glyco-conjugatesMin Ho Jeon; Bijoy P. Mathew; Malleswara Rao Kuram, et al
2016-10A Palladium(II) Peroxido Complex Supported by the Smallest Steric N-Heterocyclic Carbene, IMe=1,3-Dimethylimidazole-2-ylidene, and Its Reactivity by Oxygen-Atom TransferEunsung Lee; Dae Young Bae; Sungho Park, et al
2018-01A parallel input composite transimpedance amplifierD. J. Kim; Choong Hyun Kim
2015-06A parameter estimation method for fluorescence lifetime data BioinformaticsSewell D.; Hajin Kim; Ha T., et al
2014-03A Pd-Catalyzed One-Pot dehydrogenative aromatization and Ortho-Functionalization Sequence of N-Acetyl EnamidesJinhee Kim; Youngtaek Moon; Suhyun Lee, et al
2018-06A perspective on objectives for carbon scienceRodney S. Ruoff
2014-02A Phosphate-Binding Pocket within the Platform-PAZ-Connector Helix Cassette of Human DicerYuan Tian; Dhirendra K. Simanshu; Jin-Biao Ma, et al
2019-05A Photoexcitation-Induced Twisted Intramolecular Charge ShuttleChi W.; Qiao Q.; Lee R., et al
2015-07A Photoresponsive Smart Covalent Organic FrameworkHuang, N; Ding, XS; Jangbae Kim, et al
2017-01A Photoswitchable Olefin Metathesis CatalystAaron J. Teator; Huiling Shao; Gang Lu, et al
2014-01A platform for nitric oxide deliveryJihoon Kim; Gurusamy Saravanakumar; Hyung Woo Choi, et al
2016-05A potential role of a substrate as a base for the deprotonation pathway in Rh-catalysed C-H amination of heteroarenes: DFT insightsAjitha M.J.; Huang K.-W.; Jaesung Kwak, et al
2015-09A Priori Estimation of Organic Reaction YieldsEmami, FS; Vahid, A; Wylie, EK, et al
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