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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03Computational Investigations of the Effects of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands on the Mechanism, Reactivity, and Regioselectivity of Rh-Catalyzed HydroborationsShao H.; Wang Y.; Christopher W. Bielawski, et al
2020-03Peroxocobalt(iii) species activates nitriles: Via a superoxocobalt(ii) diradical stateDasol Cho; Seulhui Choi; Jaeheung Cho, et al
2020-03Revisiting the detection rate for axion haloscopesDongok Kim; Junu Jeong; SungWoo Youn, et al
2020-03Optical and Fluorescent Dual Sensing of Aminoalcohols by in Situ Generation of BODIPY-like ChromophoreMukesh Eknath Shirbhate; Seongyeon Kwon; Ayoung Song, et al
2020-03N-Heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed deaminative cross-coupling of aldehydes with Katritzky pyridinium saltsInwon Kim; Honggu Im; Hyeonyeong Lee, et al
2020-03Repair, Removal, and Shutdown: It All Hinges on RNA Polymerase II UbiquitylationKook Son; Orlando D. Scha¨ rer
2020-03One-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride conducting channelHyo Ju Park; Cha, J; Choi, M, et al
2020-03Two-Step Patterning of Scalable All-Inorganic Halide Perovskite ArraysChung-Kuan Lin; Qiuchen Zhao; Ye Zhang, et al
2020-03Unveiling the Hot Carrier Distribution in Vertical Graphene/h-BN/Au van der Waals Heterostructures for High-Performance PhotodetectorYoung Rae Kim; Young Rae Kim; Yong Seon Shin, et al
2020-03Centimeter-Scale and Highly Crystalline Two-Dimensional Alcohol: Evidence for Graphenol (C6OH)Lim H.; Park Y.; Lee M., et al
2020-03Theory of Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Spectroscopy for the Kitaev Spin LiquidWonjune Choi; Ki Hoon Lee; Yong Baek Kim
2020-03A DLG2 deficiency in mice leads to reduced sociability and increased repetitive behavior accompanied by aberrant synaptic transmission in the dorsal striatumTaesun Yoo; Sun-Gyun Kim; Soo Hyun Yang, et al
2020-03Nanoscale Heat Transfer from Magnetic Nanoparticles and Ferritin in an Alternating Magnetic FieldHunter C. Davis; Sunghwi Kang; Jae-Hyun Lee, et al
2020-03Oxidation of Cymantrene-Tagged Tamoxifen Analogues: Effect of Diphenyl Functionalization on the Redox MechanismKan Wu; Bimal Pudasaini; Ji Young Park, et al
2020-03Axion Dark Matter Search around 6.7  μeVSoohyung Lee; S. Ahn; Jihoon Choi, et al
2020-03Many-body approach to non-Hermitian physics in fermionic systemsEunwoo Lee; Hyunjik Lee; Bohm-Jung Yang
2020-03DFTB plus , a software package for efficient approximate density functional theory based atomistic simulationsHourahine, B; Aradi, B; Blum, V, et al
2020-03Presynaptic PTPs regulates postsynaptic NMDA receptor function through direct adhesion-independent mechanismsKyungdeok Kim; Wangyong Shin; Muwon Kang, et al
2020-03Porosity-Engineering of MXene as a Support Material for a Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst toward Overall Water SplittingThi Anh Le; Ngoc Quang Tran; Yeseul Hong, et al
2020-03Enhancing crystal growth using polyelectrolyte solutions and shear flowJian-Ke Sun; Yaroslav I. Sobolev; Zhang W., et al