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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11A High-On/Off-Ratio Floating-Gate Memristor Array on a Flexible Substrate via CVD-Grown Large-Area 2D Layer StackingQuoc An Vu; Hyun Kim; Van Luan Nguyen, et al
2015-08A Van Der Waals Homojunction: Ideal p–n Diode Behavior in MoSe2Youngjo Jin; Dong Hoon Keum; Sung-Jin An, et al
2016-09Absorption dichroism of monolayer 1T’-MoTe2 in visible rangeGang Hee Han; Dong Hoon Keum; Jiong Zhao, et al
2018-12Anomalous K-Point Phonons in Noble Metal/Graphene Heterostructure Activated by Localized Surface Plasmon ResonanceUn Jeong Kim; Jun Suk Kim; Noejung Park, et al
2017-08Carbon-Nanotube-Templated, Sputter-Deposited, Flexible Superconducting NbN Nanowire YarnsJeong-Gyun Kim; Haeyong Kang; Yourack Lee, et al
2017-04Charge Transport in MoS2/WSe2 van der Waals Heterostructure with Tunable Inversion LayerManh Ha Doan; Youngjo Jin; Subash Adhikari, et al
2015-06Controllable poly-crystalline bilayered and multilayered graphene film growth by reciprocal chemical vapor depositionWu, Q; Jung, SJ; Jang, SK, et al
2015-04Dense dislocation arrays embedded in grain boundaries for high-performance bulk thermoelectricsHighly Cited PaperSang Il Kim; Kyu Hyoung Lee; Hyeon A. Mun, et al
2019-08Designing bifunctional catalysts for oxygen reduction/evolution reactions for high efficiency and long lifetimeNiranjanmurthiLingappan; Bing Li; Tae Hoon Lee, et al
2015-07Efficient Exciton-Plasmon Conversion in Ag Nanowire/Monolayer MoS2 Hybrids: Direct Imaging and Quantitative Estimation of Plasmon Coupling and PropagationHyun Seok Lee; Min Su Kim; Youngjo Jin, et al
2018-11Enhanced Light-Matter Interactions in Self-Assembled Plasmonic Nanoparticles on 2D SemiconductorsDinh Hoa Luong; Hyun Seok Lee; Ganesh Ghimire, et al
2015-11Ferroelectric Single-Crystal Gated Graphene/Hexagonal-BN/Ferroelectric Field-Effect TransistorNahee Park; Kang, H.; Jeongmin Park, et al
2017-04Heterogeneous Defect Domains in Single-Crystalline Hexagonal WS2Hye Yun Jeong; Youngjo Jin; Seok Joon Yun, et al
2015-07High-performance n-type black phosphorus transistors with type control via thickness and contact-metal engineeringHighly Cited PaperDavid J. Perello; Sang Hoon Chae; Seunghyun Song, et al
2018-10Highly fluidic liquid at homointerface generates grain-boundary dislocation arrays for high-performance bulk thermoelectricsHyeona Mun; Kyu Hyoung Lee; Seung Jo Yoo, et al
2016-06Large Work Function Modulation of Monolayer MoS2 by Ambient GasesSi Young Lee; Kim U.J.; Chung J., et al
2017-06Long-Range Lattice Engineering of MoTe2 by a 2D ElectrideSera Kim; Seunghyun Song; Jongho Park, et al
2019-01Minimizing Trap Charge Density towards an Ideal Diode in Graphene-Silicon Schottky Solar CellSubash Adhikari; Chandan Biswas; Manh-Ha Doan, et al
2016-06Mobility Enhancement of Transparent IZO/GrRM Heterostructure via Graphene-Random-Mesh Carrier PathwaysShin Y.S.; Kang W.T.; Kim Y.R., et al
2015-08Phase patterning for ohmic homojunction contact in MoTe2Highly Cited PaperSuyeon Cho; Sera Kim; Jung Ho Kim, et al
2018-08Redox-Driven Route for Widening Voltage Window in Asymmetric SupercapacitorRamkrishna Sahoo; Duy Tho Pham; Tae Hoon Lee, et al
2018-03Role of Hole Trap Sites in MoS2 for Inconsistency in Optical and Electrical PhenomenaMinh Dao Tran; Ji-Hee Kim; Hyun Kim, et al
2016-01Room Temperature Semiconductor-Metal Transition of MoTe2 Thin Films Engineered by StrainHighly Cited PaperSeunghyun Song; Dong Hoon Keum; Suyeon Cho, et al
2019-04Room-Temperature Mesoscopic Fluctuations and Coulomb Drag in Multilayer WSe2Doan Manh-Ha; Youngjo Jin; Tuan Khanh Chau, et al
2019-05Semimetallic Graphene for Infrared SensingHamza Zad Gul; Wonkil Sakong; Hyunjin Ji, et al
2017-01Strong Localization of Anionic Electrons at Interlayer for Electrical and Magnetic Anisotropy in Two-Dimensional Y2C ElectrideJong-Ho Park; Kimoon Lee; Seung Yong Lee, et al
2015-05Synthesis of Centimeter-Scale Monolayer Tungsten Disulfide Film on Gold FoilsSeok Joon Yun; Sang Hoon Chae; Hyun Kim, et al
2018-08Synthesis of hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures for 2D van der Waals electronicsKi Kang Kim; Hyun Seok Lee; Young Hee Lee
2018-02Ultrafast Spectral Photoresponse of Bilayer Graphene: Optical Pump-Terahertz Probe SpectroscopySrabani Kar; Van Luan Nguyen; Dipti R. Mohapatra, et al
2017-08Ultrastretchable Analog/Digital Signal Transmission Line with Carbon Nanotube SheetsYourack Lee; Min-Kyu Joo; Viet Thong Le, et al
2017-02Understanding Coulomb Scattering Mechanism in Monolayer MoS2 Channel in the Presence of h-BN Buffer LayerMin-Kyu Joo; Byoung Hee Moon; Hyunjin Ji, et al
2018-03Unsaturated Drift Velocity of Monolayer GrapheneHee Jun Shin; Jaesu Kim; Sungho Kim, et al
2018-10Unveiling Defect-Related Raman Mode of Monolayer WS2 via Tip-Enhanced Resonance Raman ScatteringChanwoo Lee; Byeong Geun Jeong; Seok Joon Yun, et al
2018-11Wafer-scale single-crystal hexagonal boron nitride film via self-collimated grain formationJoo Song Lee; Soo Ho Choi; Seok Joon Yun, et al
2019-01Wafer-Scale van der Waals Heterostructures with Ultraclean Interfaces via the Aid of Viscoelastic PolymerStephen Boandoh; Frederick Agyapong-Fordjour; Soo Ho Choi, et al