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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05A facile approach to improve the performance of alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells by reducing ionic resistanceMin Jeong Kim; Ok-Hee Kim; Sungjun Kim, et al
2019-08Achieving breakthrough performance caused by optimized metal foam flow field in fuel cellsJi Eun Park; Wonchan Hwang; Myung Su Lim, et al
2019-04Biomass-Derived Air Cathode Materials: Pore-Controlled S,N-Co-doped Carbon for Fuel Cells and Metal-Air BatteriesMi-Ju Kim; Ji Eun Park; Sungjun Kim, et al
2018-05Effect of N-doped carbon coatings on the durability of highly loaded platinum and alloy catalysts with different carbon supports for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsChi-Yeong Ahn; Wonchan Hwang; Hyunjoon Lee, et al
2018-12Enhanced Performance of Ionomer Binder with Shorter Side-Chains, Higher Dispersibility, and Lower Equivalent WeightOk-Hee Kim; Seung-Hyeon Oh; Chi-Yeong Ahn, et al
2018-03Enhancement of mass transport in fuel cells using three-dimensional graphene foam as flow fieldJi Eun Park; Jongkoo Lim; Sungjun Kim, et al
2019-11Gas diffusion layer/flow-field unified membrane-electrode assembly in fuel cell using graphene foamJi Eun Park; Lim, J; Lim, MS, et al
2018-01Guided cracking of electrodes by stretching prism-patterned membrane electrode assemblies for high-performance fuel cellsChi-Yeong Ahn; Segeun Jang; Yong-Hun Cho, et al
2016-05High-performance fuel cell with stretched catalyst-coated membrane: One-step formation of cracked electrodeKim S.M.; Chi-Yeong Ahn; Cho Y.-H., et al
2018-01Interface engineering for high-performance direct methanol fuel cells using multiscale patterned membranes and guided metal cracked layersSegeun Jang; Sungjun Kim; Kim, SM, et al
2019-09Membrane/Electrode Interface Design for Effective Water Management in Alkaline Membrane Fuel CellsJang, S; Min Her; Sungjun Kim, et al
2018-03Soft-template synthesis of mesoporous non-precious metal catalyst with Fe-N-X/C active sites for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cellsHighly Cited PaperToengdong Mun; Min Jeong Kim; Shin-Ae Park, et al
2018-11Tailoring the porosity of MOF-derived N-doped carbon electrocatalysts for highly efficient solar energy conversionJin Soo Kang; Jiho Kang; Dong Young Chung, et al
2019-04Ultra-low loading of IrO2 with an inverse-opal structure in a polymer-exchange membrane water electrolysisJi Eun Park; Sungjun Kim; Kim O.-H., et al
2016-04Understanding the Bifunctional Effect for Removal of CO Poisoning: Blend of a Platinum Nanocatalyst and Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide as a Model SystemMyeong Jae Lee; Jin Soo Kang; Yun Sik Kang, et al