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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Biologically-active unilamellar vesicles from red blood cellsHyun-Sook Jang; Yoon-Kyoung Cho; Steve Granick
2018-08Cloaked Exosomes: Biocompatible, Durable, and Degradable EncapsulationSumit Kumar; Issac J. Michael; Juhee Park, et al
2018-11Comparing Geometry and Chemistry When Confined Molecules Diffuse in Monodisperse Metal–Organic Framework PoresAh-Young Jee; Nobuhiro Yanai; Steve Granick
2018-10Deep line-temporal focusing with high axial resolution and a large field-of-view using intracavity control and incoherent pulse shapingKai Lou; Bo Wang; Ah-Young Jee, et al
2018-10DNA molecules deviate from shortest trajectory when driven through hydrogelJuan Guan; Kejia Chen; Ah-Young Jee, et al
2017-03Dynamic cross-correlations between entangled biofilaments as they diffuseBoyce Tsang; Zachary E. Dell; Lingxiang Jiang, et al
2017-07Effective temperature concept evaluated in an active colloid mixtureMing Han; Jing Yan; Steve Granick, et al
2017-09From dynamic self-assembly to networked chemical systemsBartosz A. Grzybowski; Krzysztof Fitzner; Jan Paczesny, et al
2018-06How to better focus waves by considering symmetry and information lossKai Lou; Steve Granick; François Amblard
2018-12Ionic Janus Liquid Droplets Assembled and Propelled by Electric FieldMelinda Sindoro; Steve Granick
2017-11Metal–Organic Framework “Swimmers” with Energy-Efficient Autonomous MotilityJun Hyuk Park; Slawomir Lach; Konstantin Polev, et al
2019-02Steering Coacervation by a Pair of Broad-Spectrum RegulatorsShenyu Yang; Bo Li; Chunxian Wu, et al
2018-09Substrate curvature affects the shape, orientation, and polarization of renal epithelial cellsSun-Min Yu; Jung Min Oh; Junwon Lee, et al