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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10Activation of the Basal Plane in Two Dimensional Transition Metal Chalcogenide NanostructuresJae Hyo Han; Hong Ki Kim; Bongkwan Baek, et al
2019-06Aldehyde Carboxylation: A Concise DFT Mechanistic Study and a Hypothetical Role of CO (2) in the Origin of LifeMartin Juhl; Myungjo J. Kim; Hee-Yoon Lee, et al
2019-07Carbon Dioxide-Catalyzed Stereoselective Cyanation ReactionTamal Roy; Myungjo J. Kim; Yang Yang, et al
2019-06Catalytic Cascade Reaction to Access Cyclopentane-Fused Heterocycles: Expansion of Pd-TMM CycloadditionDonguk Ko; Seung-yeol Baek; Jae Yul Shim, et al
2017-01Chemoselective Coupling of 1,1-Bis[(pinacolato)boryl]alkanes for the Transition-Metal-Free Borylation of Aryl and Vinyl Halides: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical InvestigationYeosan Lee; Seung-yeol Baek; Jinyoung Park, et al
2018-08Conjugate Addition of Perfluoroarenes to α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyls Enabled by an Alkoxide-Hydrosilane System: Implication of a Radical PathwayWeilong Xie; Sung-Woo Park; Hoimin Jung, et al
2019-02Conversion of methane to ethylene using an Ir complex and phosphorus ylide as a methylene transfer reagentPavel Zatsepin; Seihwan Ahn; Bimal Pudasaini, et al
2018-10Copper-Mediated Amination of Aryl C-H Bonds with the Direct Use of Aqueous Ammonia via a Disproportionation PathwayHyunwoo Kim; Joon Heo; Junho Kim, et al
2019-03CuH-Catalyzed Enantioselective Alkylation of Indole Derivatives with Ligand-Controlled RegiodivergenceYuxuan Ye; Seoung-Tae Kim; Jinhoon Jeong, et al
2019-06Design and Optimization of Catalysts Based on Mechanistic Insights Derived from Quantum Chemical Reaction ModelingSeihwan Ahn; Mannkyu Hong; Mahesh Sundararajan, et al
2018-05Designing Redox-Stable Cobalt–Polypyridyl Complexes for Redox Flow Batteries: Spin-Crossover Delocalizes Excess ChargeChunzhen Yang; Georgios Nikiforidis; Ji Young Park, et al
2019-02Dimerization Strategies for the Synthesis of High-Order Securinega AlkaloidsJoonoh Park; Seongmin Jeon; Gyumin Kang, et al
2019-06Enantioselective [2+2] Cycloadditions of Cinnamate Esters: Generalizing Lewis Acid Catalysis of Triplet Energy TransferMary Elisabeth Daub; Hoimin Jung; Byung Joo Lee, et al
2017-11Enantioselective Excited-State Photoreactions Controlled by a Chiral Hydrogen-Bonding Iridium SensitizerKazimer L. Skubi; Jesse B. Kidd; Hoimin Jung, et al
2019-01Gold(I)-Catalyzed Hydroxy Group Assisted C(sp2)-H Alkylation of Enaminones with Diazo Compounds to Access 3-Alkyl ChromonesPradip N. Bagle; Manoj V. Mane; Shashank P. Sancheti, et al
2019-05How Many O-Donor Groups in Enterobactin Does It Take to Bind a Metal Cation?Todor Baramov; Bianca Schmid; Ho Ryu, et al
2017-12Ligand-controlled Regiodivergent C-H Alkenylation of Pyrazoles and its Application to the Synthesis of IndazolesHyun Tae Kim; Hyeri Ha; Geunhee Kang, et al
2018-11Living Metathesis and Metallotropy Polymerization Gives Conjugated Polyenynes from Multialkynes: How to Design Sequence-Specific Cascades for PolymersCheol Kang; Seongyeon Kwon; Jong-Chan Sung, et al
2019-06Living Polymerization Caught in the Act: Direct Observation of an Arrested Intermediate in Metathesis PolymerizationJung-Ah Song; Bohyun Park; Soohyung Kim, et al
2018-12Mechanistic study of styrene aziridination by iron(iv) nitridesDouglas W. Crandell; Salvador B. Munoz, III; Jeremy M. Smith, et al
2018-09One-pot bifunctionalization of unactivated alkenes, P(O)-H compounds, and N-methoxypyridinium salts for the construction of β-pyridyl alkylphosphonatesYu-Tao He; Joonghee Won; Jiyun Kim, et al
2018-06Oxidation of Cymantrene Analogues of Ferrocifen: Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Computational Studies of the Parent Complex 1,1′-Diphenyl-2-cymantrenylbuteneKan Wu; Ji Young Park; Rachael Al-Saadon, et al
2018-11Palladium-Catalyzed Divergent Cyclopropanation by Regioselective Solvent-Driven C(sp3)?H Bond ActivationDa Sol Chung; Jae Sung Lee; Ho Ryu, et al
2018-03Reductive Carbocyclization of Homoallylic Alcohols to syn-Cyclobutanes by a Boron-Catalyzed Dual Ring-Closing PathwayChinmoyKumar Hazra; Jinhoon Jeong; Hyunjoong Kim, et al
2018-04Room temperature olefination of methane with titanium-carbon multiple bondsTakashi Kurogi; Joonghee Won; Bohyun Park, et al
2019-03Ruthenium catalyzes the synthesis of γ-butenolides fused with cyclohexanonesRaju S. Thombal; Seoung-Tae Kim; Mu-Hyun Baik, et al
2019-03Selective C-C bond formation from rhodium-catalyzed C-H activation reaction of 2-arylpyridines with 3-aryl-2: H -azirinesYonghyeon Baek; Jinwoo Kim; Hyunseok Kim, et al
2018-03Selective formation of g-lactams via C–H amidation enabled by tailored iridium catalystsHighly Cited PaperSeung Youn Hong; Yoonsu Park; Yeongyu Hwang, et al
2019-06Site-Selective 1,1-Difunctionalization of Unactivated Alkenes Enabled by Cationic Palladium CatalysisJinwon Jeon; Ho Ryu; Changseok Lee, et al
2019-06Site-Selective Functionalization of Pyridinium Derivatives via Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalysis with QuinolinoneInwon Kim; Gyumin Kang; Kangjae Lee, et al
2018-02Stereoselective construction of sterically hindered oxaspirocycles: Via chiral bidentate directing group-mediated C(sp3)-O bond formationYechan Kim; Seoung-Tae Kim; Dahye Kang, et al
2017-03Synthesis and reactivity of a mononuclear non- haem cobalt(IV)-oxo complexBin Wang; Yong-Min Lee; Woon-Young Tcho, et al
2018-07Thermodynamic: Versus kinetic control in substituent redistribution reactions of silylium ions steered by the counteranionLukas Omann; Bimal Pudasaini; Elisabeth Irran, et al
2018-01Understanding the Origin of the Regioselectivity in Cyclopolymerizations of Diynes and How to Completely Switch ItHoimin Jung; Kijung Jung; Mannkyu Kwon, et al
2018-11Visible-Light-Induced Pyridylation of Remote C(sp3)?H Bonds by Radical Translocation of N-Alkoxypyridinium SaltsInwon Kim; Bohyun Park; Gyumin Kang, et al