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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07A missense allele of KARRIKIN-INSENSITIVE2 impairs ligand-binding and downstream signaling in Arabidopsis thalianaLee, I; Kim, K; Lee, S, et al
2019-09Alternative Assembly of alpha-Synuclein Leading to Protein Film Formation and Its Application for Developing Polydiacetylene-Based Sensing MaterialsLee, S; Lee, D; Hong, CS, et al
2019-04Analysis of migration maps and features of magnetic properties of LiNi0.9M0.1PO4 (M = Co, Mn) single crystalsUrusova, N; Semkin, M; Kratochvilova, M, et al
2016-10Application of diffusion-weighted imaging and dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion-weighted imaging for ganglioglioma in adults: Comparison study with oligodendrogliomaLee, S; Yun, TJ; Kang, KM, et al
2019-02Biological Redox Mediation in Electron Transport Chain of Bacteria for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts in Lithium-Oxygen BatteriesKo, Y; Park, H; Kim, J, et al
2017-06Characterization of developmental defects in the forebrain resulting from hyperactivated mTOR signaling by integrative analysis of transcriptomic and proteomic dataShin, J; Kim, M; Hee-Jung Jung, et al
2014-04Chelation-Assisted Hydroesterification of Alkenes: New Ruthenium Catalyst Systems and Ligand EffectsBin Li; Lee, S; Kwangmin Shin, et al
2014-12Compact variant-rich customized sequence database and a fast and sensitive database search for efficient proteogenomic analysesPark, H; Bae, J; Kim, H, et al
2016-08Composition Control of Plasmon-Phonon Interaction Using Topological Quantum-Phase Transition in Photoexcited (Bi1-xInx)(2)Se-3Sim, S; Park, J; Koirala, N, et al
2015-06Controllable poly-crystalline bilayered and multilayered graphene film growth by reciprocal chemical vapor depositionWu, Q; Jung, SJ; Jang, SK, et al
2016-06Effect of bexarotene on differentiation of glioblastoma multiforme compared with ATRAHeo, JC; Jung, TH; Lee, S, et al
2019-11Flexible, sticky, and biodegradable wireless device for drug delivery to brain tumorsJongha Lee; Hye Rim Cho; Gi Doo Cha, et al
2016-10Highly Stable Iron- and Manganese-Based Cathodes for Long-Lasting Sodium Rechargeable BatteriesHyungsub Kim; Gabin Yoon; Inchul Park, et al
2015-05In situ synthesis of a large area boron nitride/graphene monolayer/boron nitride film by chemical vapor depositionWu, Q; Jang, SK; Park, S, et al
2017-09In Situ Tracking Kinetic Pathways of Li+/Na+ Substitution during Ion-Exchange Synthesis of LixNa1.5-xVOPO4F0.5Park, YU; Bai, JM; Wang, LP, et al
2016-07Inositol pyrophosphates inhibit synaptotagmin-dependent exocytosisTae-Sun Lee; Lee, JY; Kyung, JW, et al
2015-11Leukocyte-specific protein 1 regulates T-cell migration in rheumatoid arthritisHwang, SH; Jung, SH; Lee, S, et al
2017-07Multi-electron redox phenazine for ready-to-charge organic batteriesLee, M; Hong, J; Lee, B, et al
2017-08Nature-Inspired Construction of Two-Dimensionally Self-Assembled Peptide on Pristine GrapheneNo, YH; Kim, NH; Gnapareddy, B, et al
2014-12Production of novel FeOOH/reduced graphene oxide hybrids and their performance as oxygen reduction reaction catalystsLee, S; Cheon, JY; Won Jun Lee, et al
2018-10Recent Progress in Organic Electrodes for Li and Na Rechargeable BatteriesLee, S; Kwon, G; Ku, K, et al
2016-02Role of Surface States in Photocatalysis: Study of Chlorine-Passivated CdSe Nanocrystals for Photocatalytic Hydrogen GenerationKim, WD; Ji-Hee Kim; Lee, S, et al
2014-12Semiconducting Polymers with Nanocrystallites Interconnected via Boron-Doped Carbon NanotubesYu, K; Ju Min Lee; Kim, J, et al
2015-11Single Crystalline Film of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Atomic Monolayer by Controlling Nucleation Seeds and DomainsWu, QK; Ji-Hoon Park; Park, S, et al
2016-09SoxF Transcription Factors Are Positive Feedback Regulators of VEGF SignalingKangsan Kim; Kim, IK; Yang, JM, et al
2016-11Spontaneous structural distortion of the metallic Shastry-Sutherland system DyB4 by quadrupole-spin-lattice couplingHasung Sim; Lee, S; Kun-Pyo Hong, et al
2019-11Temperature-dependent optical properties of self-doped superconducting Fe-pnictide, Sr2VO3FeAsLee, S; Roh, S; Seo, YS, et al