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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A facile preparation method for nanosized MOFs as a multifunctional material for cellular imaging and drug deliveryKyeng Min Park; Hyunuk Kim; James Murray, et al
2018-04An Organic Mixed-Valence Ligand for Multistate Redox-Active Coordination NetworksHa, JY; Jin Young Koo; Ohtsu, H, et al
2018-11Cobalt-Catalyzed C-F Bond Borylation of Aryl FluoridesSoobin Lim; Dalnim Song; Seungwon Jeon, et al
2017-09Confined Nucleation and Growth of PdO Nanocrystals in a Seed-Free Solution inside Hollow NanoreactorDaun Kim; Jung Kyu Choi; Soo Min Kim, et al
2017-03Cucurbit[6]uril-based polymer nanocapsules as a non-covalent and modular bioimaging platform for multimodal in vivo imagingSungwan Kim; Gyeongwon Yun; Suman Khan, et al
2018-04Direct Profiling the Post-Translational Modification Codes of a Single Protein Immobilized on a Surface Using Cu-free Click ChemistryKyung Lock Kim; Kyeng Min Park; James Murray, et al
2018-04Guest-responsive, Non-proteolytic Harvest of a Cell-sheet using Controllable Host-guest ChemistryKyeng Min Park; Annadka Shrinidhi; James Murray, et al
2017-10Hollowing out MOFs: Hierarchical micro- and mesoporous MOFs with tailorable porosity via selective acid etchingJaehyoung Koo; In-Chul Hwang; Xiujun Yu, et al
2016-07Manifesting Subtle Differences of Neutral Hydrophilic Guest Isomers in a Molecular Container by Phase TransferLee, HHL; Lee, JW; Yoonjung Jang, et al
2018-11Porphyrin BoxesRahul Dev Mukhopadhyay; Kim, Y; Koo, J, et al
2018-11Self-assembled adhesive biomaterials formed by a genetically designed fusion proteinPulakesh Aich; Jaeyeon An; Byeongseon Yang, et al
2018-06Separation of Acetylene from Carbon Dioxide and Ethylene by a Water-Stable Microporous Metal-Organic Framework with Aligned Imidazolium Groups inside the ChannelsJaechul Lee; Chuah, CY; Kim, J, et al
2018-04Smart SERS Hot Spots: Single Molecules Can Be Positioned in a Plasmonic Nanojunction Using Host-Guest ChemistryNam Hoon Kim; Wooseup Hwang; Kangkyun Baek, et al
2018-09Stepwise synthesis via mechanochemical reaction for multistate redox-active 2D Zinc(ii) coordination networkJoo Yeon Ha; Deekamwong K.; Ohtsu H., et al
2018-10SuFEx in Metal-Organic Frameworks: Versatile Postsynthetic Modification ToolSeungjae Park; Hayoung Song; Nakeun Ko, et al
2015-01Supramolecular hydrogels for long-term bioengineered stem cell therapyYeom J.; Kim S.J.; Jung H., et al
2018-04Supramolecular latching system based on ultrastable synthetic binding pairs as versatile tools for protein imagingKyung Lock Kim; Gihyun Sung; Jaehwan Sim, et al
2019-10Tumor vasodilation by N-Heterocyclic carbene-based nitric oxide delivery triggered by high-intensity focused ultrasound and enhanced drug homing to tumor sites for anti-cancer therapyKang Y.; Kim J.; Junbeom Park, et al