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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05A guide to genome engineering with programmable nucleasesHighly Cited PaperHyongbum Kim; Jin-Soo Kim
2017-03A homozygous Keap1-knockout human embryonic stem cell line generated using CRISPR/Cas9 mediates gene targetingKim, SJ; Omer Habib; Jin-Soo Kim, et al
2016-08A simple, flexible and high-throughput cloning system for plant genome editing via CRISPR-Cas systemHyeran Kim; Sang-Tae Kim; Jahee Ryu, et al
2018-06Arrayed CRISPR screen with image-based assay reliably uncovers host genes required for coxsackievirus infectionHeon Seok Kim; Kyungjin Lee; Seong-Jun Kim, et al
2016-10Bypassing GMO regulations with CRISPR gene editingJungeun Kim; Jin-Soo Kim
2017-01Cas-Analyzer: an online tool for assessing genome editing results using NGS dataJeongbin Park; Kayeong Lim; Jin-Soo Kim, et al
2016-07Cas-Database: web-based genome-wide guide RNA library design for gene knockout screens using CRISPR-Cas9Jeongbin Park; Jin-Soo Kim; Sangsu Bae
2017-08Correction of a pathogenic gene mutation in human embryosHighly Cited PaperHong Ma; Nuria Marti-Gutierrez; Sang-Wook Park, et al
2015-05CRISPR germline engineering - The community speaksKatrine S Bosley; Michael Botchan; Annelien Bredenoord, et al
2016-06CRISPR/Cas9-induced knockout and knock-in mutations in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiHighly Cited PaperSung-Eun Shin; Jong-Min Lim; Hyun Gi Koh, et al
2017-02CRISPR/Cpf1-mediated DNA-free plant genome editingHighly Cited PaperHyeran Kim; Sang-Tae Kim; Jahee Ryu, et al
2018-11DCas9-mediated Nanoelectrokinetic Direct Detection of Target Gene for Liquid BiopsyHyomin Lee; Jihye Choi; Euihwan Jeong, et al
2015-03Digenome-seq: Genome-wide profiling of CRISPR-Cas9 off-target effects in human cellsHighly Cited PaperDaesik Kim; Sangsu Bae; Jeongbin Park, et al
2018-07Direct observation of DNA target searching and cleavage by CRISPR-Cas12aYongmoon Jeon; You Hee Choi; Yunsu Jang, et al
2015-11DNA-free genome editing in plants with preassembled CRISPR-Cas9 ribonucleoproteinsHighly Cited PaperJe Wook Woo; Jungeun Kim; Soon Il Kwon, et al
2016-07DNA-free two-gene knockout in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii via CRISPR-Cas9 ribonucleoproteinsKwangryul Baek; Duk Hyoung Kim; Jooyeon Jeong, et al
2015-11Efficient delivery of nuclease proteins for genome editing in human stem cells and primary cellsJia Liu; Thomas Gaj; Yifeng Yang, et al
2015-07Efficient PRNP deletion in bovine genome using gene-editing technologies in bovine cellsWooJae Choi; Eunji Kim; Soo-Young Yum, et al
2014-08Enrichment of cells with TALEN-induced mutations using surrogate reportersYoung-Hoon Kim; Suresh Ramakrishna; Hyongbum Kim, et al
2017-01Failure to detect DNA-guided genome editing using Natronobacterium gregoryi ArgonauteSeung Hwan Lee; Giandomenico Turchiano; Hirotaka Ata, et al
2016-07Fine-Tuning Next-Generation Genome Editing ToolsChidananda Nagamangala Kanchiswamy; Massimo Maffei; Mickael Malnoy, et al
2017-08GATA Factor-Regulated Samd14 Enhancer Confers Red Blood Cell Regeneration and Survival in Severe AnemiaKyle J. Hewitt; Koichi R. Katsumura; Daniel R. Matson, et al
2016-09Genome editing comes of ageJin-Soo Kim
2017-10Genome editing reveals a role for OCT4 in human embryogenesisHighly Cited PaperNorah M. E. Fogarty; Afshan McCarthy; Kirsten E. Snijders, et al
2014-11Genome engineering in human cellsMinjung Song; Young-Hoon Kim; Jin-Soo Kim, et al
2017-03Genome surgery using Cas9 ribonucleoproteins for the treatment of age-related macular degenerationKyoungmi Kim; Sung Wook Park; Jin Hyoung Kim, et al
2016-08Genome-wide analysis reveals specificities of Cpf1 endonucleases in human cellsHighly Cited PaperDaesik Kim; Jungeun Kim; Junho K Hur, et al
2017-05Genome-wide target specificities of CRISPR RNA-guided programmable deaminasesHighly Cited PaperDaesik Kim; Kayeong Lim; Sang-Tae Kim, et al
2016-03Genome-wide target specificities of CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases revealed by multiplex Digenome-seqDaesik Kim; Sojung Kim; Sunghyun Kim, et al
2017-05Highly efficient RNA-guided base editing in mouse embryosHighly Cited PaperKyoungmi Kim; Seuk-Min Ryu; Sang-Tae Kim, et al
2014-06Highly efficient RNA-guided genome editing in human cells via delivery of purified Cas9 ribonucleoproteinsHighly Cited PaperSojung Kim; Daesik Kim; Seung Woo Cho, et al
2017-12In situ functional dissection of RNA cis-regulatory elements by multiplex CRISPR-Cas9 genome engineeringQianxin Wu; Quentin R.V Ferry; Toni A. Baeumler, et al
2017-02In vivo genome editing with a small Cas9 orthologue derived from Campylobacter jejuniHighly Cited PaperEunji Kim; Taeyoung Koo; Sung Wook Park, et al
2016-11Knockout of the ribonuclease inhibitor gene leaves human cells vulnerable to secretory ribonucleasesSydney P. Thomas; Eunji Kim; Jin-Soo Kim, et al
2018-08Large deletions induced by Cas9 cleavage, Ma et al. replyHong Ma; Nuria Marti-Gutierrez; Sang-Wook Park, et al
2015-09Non-GMO genetically edited crop plantsChidanada Nagamangala Kanchiswamy; Mickael Malnoy; Riccardo Velasco, et al
2017-11Rescue of high-specificity Cas9 variants using sgRNAs with matched 5 ' nucleotidesSojung Kim; Taegeun Bae; Jaewoong Hwang, et al
2017-07Selective disruption of an oncogenic mutant allele by CRISPR/Cas9 induces efficient tumor regressionTaeyoung Koo; A-Rum Yoon; Hee-Yeon Cho, et al
2016-11Structural roles of guide RNAs in the nuclease activity of Cas9 endonucleaseToungbin Lim; So Young Bak; Keewon Sung, et al
2015-12Targeted Genome Editing for Crop ImprovementHyeran Kim; Sang-Tae Kim; Sang-Gyu Kim, et al
2014-06Targeted inversion and reversion of the blood coagulation factor 8 gene in iPS cells using TALENsChul-Yong Park; Jungeun Kim; Jiyeon Kweon, et al
2016-08Targeted mutagenesis in mice by electroporation of Cpf1 ribonucleoproteinsJunho K Hur; Kyoungmi Kim; Kyung Wook Been, et al
2018-10Towards therapeutic base editingHuiyun Seo; Jin-Soo Kim
2018-08Unexpected CRISPR on-target effectsHyunji Lee; Jin-Soo Kim
2018-12Web-based design and analysis tools for CRISPR base editingHwang G.-H.; Park J.; Kayeong Lim, et al