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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Accurate single-shot measurement technique for the spectral distribution of GeV electron beams from a laser wakefield acceleratorC. I. Hojbota; Hyung Taek Kim; Jung Hun Shin, et al
2015-02Autocorrelation-subtracted Fourier transform holography method for large specimen imagingKyoung Hwan Lee; Hyeok Yun; Jae Hee Sung, et al
2018-06Effect of the temporal laser pulse asymmetry on pair production processes during intense laser-electron scatteringHojbota, CI; Hyung Taek Kim; Chul Min Kim, et al
2018-07Exploration of Strong Field Physics with Multi-PW LasersSeong Ku Lee; Hyung Taek Kim; Il Woo Choi, et al
2015-12Fast scaling of energetic protons generated in the interaction of linearly polarized femtosecond petawatt laser pulses with ultrathin targetsI Jong Kim; Ki Hong Pae; Chul Min Kim, et al
2020-02Influence of polarization on back-reflected e(-)e(+) pair jets from laser-electron collisionC I Hojbota; Hyung Taek Kim; V B Pathak, et al
2018-02Novel gas target for laser wakefield acceleratorsC. Aniculaesei; Hyung Taek Kim; Byeong Ju Yoo, et al
2016-07Radiation pressure acceleration of protons to 93 MeV with circularly polarized petawatt laser pulsesI Jong Kim; Ki Hong Pae; Il Woo Choi, et al
2015-04Resolving Multiple Molecular Orbitals Using Two-Dimensional High-Harmonic SpectroscopyHyeok Yun; Kyung-Min Lee; Jae Hee Sung, et al
2018-01Toward compact and ultra-intense laser-based soft x-ray lasersS Sebban; A Depresseux; E Oliva, et al
2013-10Transition of proton energy scaling using an ultrathin target irradiated by linearly polarized femtosecond laser pulsesI Jong Kim; Pae K.H.; Chul Min Kim, et al