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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06Amorphous Cobalt Phyllosilicate with Layered Crystalline Motifs as Water Oxidation CatalystJu Seong Kim; Inchul Park; Eun-Suk Jeong, et al
2015-11Anomalous Jahn-Teller behavior in a manganese-based mixed-phosphate cathode for sodium ion batteriesHyungsub Kim; Gabin Yoon; Inchul Park, et al
2017-01Conditions for Reversible Na Intercalation in Graphite: Theoretical Studies on the Interplay Among Guest Ions, Solvent, and Graphite HostGabin Yoon; Kim H.; Inchul Park, et al
2018-10Deposition and Stripping Behavior of Lithium Metal in Electrochemical System: Continuum Mechanics StudyGabin Yoon; Moon, S; Ceder, G, et al
2017-10Exploiting Lithium-Ether Co-Intercalation in Graphite for High-Power Lithium-Ion BatteriesHaegyeom Kim; Kyungmi Lim; Gabin Yoon, et al
2015-12Highly Durable and Active PtFe Nanocatalyst for Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction ReactionHighly Cited PaperDong Young Chung; Samuel Woojoo Jun; Gabin Yoon, et al
2016-10Highly Stable Iron- and Manganese-Based Cathodes for Long-Lasting Sodium Rechargeable BatteriesHyungsub Kim; Gabin Yoon; Inchul Park, et al
2017-05Large-Scale Synthesis of Carbon-Shell-Coated FeP Nanoparticles for Robust Hydrogen Evolution Reaction ElectrocatalystHighly Cited PaperDong Young Chung; Samuel Woojoo Jun; Gabin Yoon, et al
2017-02Lithium-free transition metal monoxides for positive electrodes in lithium-ion batteriesSung-Kyun Jung; Hyunchul Kim; Min Gee Cho, et al
2018-06Na3V(PO4)(2) : A New Layered-Type Cathode Material with High Water Stability and Power Capability for Na-Ion BatteriesJongsoon Kim; Gabin Yoon; Hyungsub Kim, et al
2018-08Native Defects in Li10GeP2S12 and Their Effect on Lithium DiffusionKyungbae Oh; donghee Chang; Byungju Lee, et al
2015-09Ordered-mesoporous Nb2O5/carbon composite as a sodium insertion materialHaegyeom Kim; Eunho Lim; Changshin Jo, et al
2016-10Recent Progress in Electrode Materials for Sodium-Ion BatteriesHighly Cited PaperHyungsub Kim; Kim, H; Ding, Z, et al
2018-07Suppression of Voltage Decay through Manganese Deactivation and Nickel Redox Buffering in High-Energy Layered Lithium-Rich ElectrodesKyojin Ku; Jihyun Hong; Hyungsub Kim, et al
2015-12Theoretical Evidence for Low Charging Overpotentials of Superoxide Discharge Products in Metal-Oxygen BatteriesByungju Lee; Kim J.; Gabin Yoon, et al
2017-10Using First-Principles Calculations for the Advancement of Materials for Rechargeable BatteriesGabin Yoon; Do-Hoon Kim; Park, I, et al