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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-08A copper-mediated cross-coupling approach for the synthesis of 3-heteroaryl quinolone and related analoguesSanghye Shin; Yechan Kim; Kiho Kim, et al
2014-03A Pd-Catalyzed One-Pot dehydrogenative aromatization and Ortho-Functionalization Sequence of N-Acetyl EnamidesJinhee Kim; Youngtaek Moon; Suhyun Lee, et al
2014-06AgSbF6-controlled diastereodivergence in alkyne hydroarylation: facile access to Z- and E-alkenyl arenesMinsik Min; Donghee Kim; Sung Woo Hong
2016-10Application of Fragment-Based de Novo Design to the Discovery of Selective Picomolar Inhibitors of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 BetaPark H.; Yongje Shin; Jinhee Kim, et al
2015-10Asymmetric C-H Functionalization of Cyclopropanes Using an Isoleucine-NH2 Bidentate Directing GroupJinhee Kim; Mikyung Sim; Namhoon Kim, et al
2015-06Asymmetric C–H functionalization of cyclopropanes using an isoleucine-NH2 bidentate directing groupJinhee Kim; Mikyung Sim; Namhoon Kim, et al
2015-08Catalyst Controlled Divergent C4/C8 Site-Selective C-H Arylation of IsoquinolonesSoyoung Lee; Shinmee Mah; Sungwoo Hong
2015-01Computational design and discovery of nanomolar inhibitors of IκB kinase βPark H.; Yongje Shin; Hyeonjeong Choe, et al
2014-08Development and Biological Evaluation of Potent and Selective c-KITD816V InhibitorsSoyoung Lee; Lee, Hyunseung; Jinhee Kim, et al
2017-03Direct Phosphonation of Quinolinones and Coumarins Driven by the Photochemical Activity of Substrates and ProductsInwon Kim; Minsik Min; Dahye Kang, et al
2016-02Discovery of Dual Inhibitors for Wild Type and D816V Mutant of c-KIT Kinase through Virtual and Biochemical Screening of Natural ProductsPark H.; Soyoung Lee; Sungwoo Hong
2017-06Discovery of EGF Receptor Inhibitors That Are Selective for the d746-750/T790M/C797S Mutant through Structure-Based de Novo DesignPark H.; Hoi-Yun Jung; Shinmee Mah, et al
2016-04Discovery of Low Micromolar Dual Inhibitors for Wild Type and L1196M Mutant of Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase through Structure-Based Virtual ScreeningShin, S; Shinmee Mah; Sungwoo Hong, et al
2013-06Discovery of Picomolar ABL Kinase Inhibitors Equipotent for Wild Type and T315I Mutant via Structure-Based de Novo DesignHwangseo Park; Seunghee Hong; Jinhee Kim, et al
2015-11Discovery of wrightiadione as a novel template for the TrkA kinase inhibitorsYujeong Jeong; Sang Min Lim; Sungwoo Hong
2017-03Efficient Synthesis of Anthraquinones from Diaryl Carboxylic Acids via Palladium(II)-Catalyzed and Visible Light-Mediated TransformationsKiho Kim; Minsik Min; Sungwoo Hong
2015-04Efficient synthesis of frutinone A and its derivatives through palladium-catalyzed C-H activation/carbonylationYongje Shin; Changho Yoo; Youngtaek Moon, et al
2017-10Fascaplysin exerts anti-cancer effects through the downregulation of survivin and HIF-1α and inhibition of VEGFR2 and TRKATaek-In Oh; Yoon-Mi Lee; Taek-Jin Nam, et al
2018-07High-throughput chemical screening to discover new modulators of microRNA expression in living cells by using graphene-based biosensorSoo-Ryoon Ryoo; Yeajee Yim; Young-Kwan Kim, et al
2014-10HS-133, a novel fluorescent phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitor as a potential imaging and anticancer agent for targeted therapyLee, Ju-Hee; Jung, Kyung Hee; Lee, Hyunseung, et al
2018-09HS-1371, a novel kinase inhibitor of RIP3-mediated necroptosisHan-Hee Park; Se-Yeon Park; Shinmee Mah, et al
2016-11HS-173, a novel PI3K inhibitor suppresses EMT and metastasis in pancreatic cancerRumman M.; Jung K.H.; Fang Z., et al
2015-01HS-543 induces apoptosis of imatinib-resistant chronic myelogenous leukemia with T315I mutationKim S.J.; Jung K.H.; Yan H.H., et al
2016-12Identification of lead small molecule inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta using a fragment-linking strategyJinhee Kim; Yonghoon Moon; Sungwoo Hong
2015-11Identification of β-lapachone analogs as novel MALT1 inhibitors to treat an aggressive subtype of diffuse large B-cell lymphomaSang Min Lim; Yujeong Jeong; Suhyun Lee, et al
2017-02Metal- and oxidant-free S-P(O) bond construction: Via direct coupling of P(O)H with sulfinic acidsYoungtaek Moon; Yonghoon Moon; Hangyeol Choi, et al
2013-05One-pot catalysis of dehydrogenation of cyclohexanones to phenols and oxidative Heck coupling: expedient synthesis of coumarinsDonghee Kim; Minsik Min; Sung Woo Hong
2016-07Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Tandem Synthesis of Acenes Using Carboxylic Acids as Traceless Directing GroupsKiho Kim; Dhananjayan Vasu; Honggu Im, et al
2018-09Palladium-Catalyzed Divergent Arylation of Triazolopyridines: A Computational StudyDeyaa I. AbuSalim; Hong S.; Baik M.-H.
2016-03Palladium-Catalyzed Divergent Arylation with Triazolopyridines: One-Pot Synthesis of 6-Aryl-2-alpha-styrylpyridinesYoungtaek Moon; Soonhyung Kwon; Dahye Kang, et al
2018-12Regiodivergent Ring-Opening Cross-Coupling of Vinyl Aziridines with Phosphorus Nucleophiles: Access to Phosphorus-Containing Amino Acid DerivativesDahye Kang; Taehwan Kim; Hyunpyo Lee, et al
2015-12Regioselective palladium(II)-catalyzed aerobic oxidative Heck-type C3 alkenylation of sulfocoumarinsNamhoon Kim; Minsik Min; Sungwoo Hong
2015-04Rh(III) and Ru(II)-catalyzed site-selective C-H alkynylation of quinolonesDahye Kang; Sungwoo Hong
2015-07Rh(III)-catalyzed 7-azaindole synthesis via C-H activation/annulative coupling of aminopyridines with alkynesYechan Kim; Sungwoo Hong
2015-04Rh(iii)-catalyzed direct C-H/C-H cross-coupling of quinones with arenes assisted by a directing group: Identification of carbazole quinones as GSKβ inhibitorsYoungtaek Moon; Yujeong Jeong; Daehyuk Kook, et al
2015-06RhI-catalyzed site-selective decarbonylative alkenylation and arylation of quinolones under chelation assistanceSoonhyung Kwon; Dahye Kang; Sungwoo Hong
2016-04Rhodium-Catalyzed Direct C-H Phosphorylation of (Hetero)arenes Suitable for Late-Stage FunctionalizationMinsik Min; Dahye Kang; Sungwoo Jung, et al
2015-05Ru(II)-Catalyzed Site-Selective Hydroxylation of Flavone and Chromone Derivatives: The Importance of the 5-Hydroxyl Motif for the Inhibition of Aurora KinasesKiho Kim; Hyeonjeong Choe; Yujeong Jeong, et al
2014-05Selective and potent small-molecule inhibitors of PI3KsYujeong Jeong; Daeil Kwon; Sung Woo Hong
2019-09Site-Selective C-H Acylation of Pyridinium Derivatives by Photoredox CatalysisSungwoo Jung; Hyeonyeong Lee; Yonghoon Moon, et al
2018-07Site-Selective C-H Bond Functionalization of Chromones and CoumarinsDahye Kang; Kukcheol Ahn; Sungwoo Hong
2019-09Strategic Approach to the Metamorphosis of γ-Lactones to NH γ-Lactams via Reductive Cleavage and C-H AmidationHoi-Yun Jung; Sukbok Chang; Sungwoo Hong
2016-05Strategies to overcome acquired resistances conferred by mutations in the kinase domain of EGFRSang Min Lim; Yujeong Jeong; Sungwoo Hong
2014-07Structure-based de novo design and identification of D816V mutant-selective c-KIT inhibitorsHwangseo Park; Soyoung Lee; Suhyun Lee, et al
2015-09Structure-based de novo design and synthesis of aminothiazole-based p38 MAP kinase inhibitorsPark, H; Soyoung Lee; Sungwoo Hong
2013-09Synthesis of heterocyclic-fused benzofurans via C–H functionalization of flavones and coumarinsYoungtaek Moon; Yechan Kim; Hyerim Hong, et al
2014-06Synthesis of heterocyclic-fused benzopyrans via the Pd(II)-catalyzed C–H alkenylation/C–O cyclization of flavones and coumarinsYechan Kim; Youngtaek Moon; Dahye Kang, et al
2018-03Systematic Computational Design and Identification of Low Picomolar Inhibitors of Aurora Kinase AHwangseo Park; Hoi-Yun Jung; Shinmee Mah, et al
2015-07Tandem Dehydrogenation/Oxidation/Oxidative Cyclization Approach to Wrightiadione and Its DerivativesYujeong Jeong; Youngtaek Moon; Sungwoo Hong
2019-11Visible light induced alkene aminopyridylation using N-aminopyridinium salts as bifunctional reagentsYonghoon Moon; Bohyun Park; Inwon Kim, et al
2017-11Visible Light-Promoted Synthesis of Spiroepoxy Chromanone Derivatives via a Tandem Oxidation/Radical Cyclization/Epoxidation ProcessSungwoo Jung; Jiyun Kim; Sungwoo Hong
2018-12Visible-Light-Induced C-O Bond Formation for the Construction of Five- and Six-Membered Cyclic Ethers and LactonesHonggu Im; Dahye Kang; Soyeon Choi, et al
2019-04Visible-light-induced cascade radical ring-closure and pyridylation for the synthesis of tetrahydrofuransYechan Kim; Kangjae Lee; Gangadhar Rao Mathi, et al
2020-01Visible-Light-Induced ortho-Selective Migration on Pyridyl Ring: Trifluoromethylative Pyridylation of Unactivated AlkenesJinwon Jeon; Yu‐Tao He; Sanghoon Shin, et al
2019-12Visible-Light-Induced Remote C(sp3)-H Pyridylation of Sulfonamides and CarboxamidesNamhoon Kim; Changseok Lee; Taehwan Kim, et al