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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07A computational study on hydrogen storage in potential wells using K-intercalated graphite oxideJaehyun Bae; Dongwook Kim; Jong Hyun Jung, et al
2018-01A parallel input composite transimpedance amplifierD. J. Kim; Choong Hyun Kim
2018-10Abnormal phase flip in the coherent phonon oscillations of Ca2RuO4Min-Cheol Lee; Choong Hyun Kim; Inho Kwak, et al
2018-01Anisotropic suppression of octahedral breathing distortion with the fully strained BaBiO3/BaCeO3 heterointerfaceHan Gyeol Lee; Rokyeon Kim; Jinkwon Kim, et al
2019-11Anomalous anisotropic behaviour of spin-triplet proximity effect in Au/SrRuO3/Sr2RuO4 junctionsM. S. Anwar; M. Kunieda; R. Ishiguro, et al
2014-06Anomalous effect due to oxygen vacancy accumulation below the electrode in bipolar RS Pt/Nb:STO cellsShin Buhm Lee; Jae Sung Lee; Jong-Bong Park, et al
2019-10Antiferromagnetic ordering in van der Waals 2D magnetic material MnPS3 probed by Raman spectroscopyKangwon Kim; Soo Yeon Lim; Jungcheol Kim, et al
2020-02Atomic-Scale Metal–Insulator Transition in SrRuO3 Ultrathin Films Triggered by Surface Termination ConversionHan Gyeol Lee; Lingfei Wang; Liang Si, et al
2019-02Band Gap Closing in a Synthetic Hall Tube of Neutral FermionsJeong Ho Han; Jin Hyoun Kang; Y. Shin
2018-09Band Topology and Linking Structure of Nodal Line Semimetals with Z2 Monopole ChargesJunyeong Ahn; Dongwook Kim; Youngkuk Kim, et al
2019-01Bulk properties of the van der Waals hard ferromagnet VI3Suhan Son; Matthew J. Coak; Nahyun Lee, et al
2015-06Charge-ordering cascade with spin–orbit Mott dimer states in metallic iridium ditellurideK.-T. Ko; H.-H. Lee; D.-H. Kim, et al
2019-09Chern insulator with a nearly flat band in the metal-organic- framework-based Kagome latticeSantu Baidya; Seungjin Kang; Choong H. Kim, et al
2017-09Classification of accidental band crossings and emergent semimetals in two-dimensional noncentrosymmetric systemsSungjoon Park; Bohm-Jung Yang
2019-11Coherent-strained superconducting BaPb1-xBixO3 thin films by interface engineeringJinkwon Kim; Junsik Mun; Bongju Kim, et al
2020-01Combined spectroscopic imaging STM and ARPES study of different gaps measured in the cuprate phase diagramFujita, K; Drozdov, I; Du, Z, et al
2017-09Competing states for the fractional quantum Hall effect in the 1/3-filled second Landau levelJae-Seung Jeong; Hantao Lu; Ki Hoon Lee, et al
2020-04Constructing Polymorphic Nanodomains in BaTiO3 Films via Epitaxial Symmetry EngineeringWei Peng; Jacob A. Zorn; Junsik Mun, et al
2020-04Controllable Thickness Inhomogeneity and Berry Curvature Engineering of Anomalous Hall Effect in SrRuO3 Ultrathin FilmsLingfei Wang; Qiyuan Feng; Han Gyeol Lee, et al
2017-09Controlled manipulation of oxygen vacancies using nanoscale flexoelectricitySaikat Das; Bo Wang; Ye Cao, et al
2020-01Controlling the Magnetic Anisotropy of the van der Waals Ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 through Hole DopingSe Young Park; Kim D.S.; Liu Y., et al
2018-10Cooper-Pair Spin Current in a Strontium Ruthenate HeterostructureSuk Bum Chung; Se Kwon Kim; Ki Hoon Lee, et al
2020-01Creutz ladder in a resonantly shaken 1D optical latticeJin Hyoun Kang; Jeong Ho Han; Yong il Shin
2018-09Crystal and Magnetic Structures of La2CoPtO6 Double PerovskiteSanghyun Lee; Min-Cheol Lee; Yoshihisa Ishikawa, et al
2020-01Crystal structure and magnetic properties of Sr2Ni1-xMgxMoO6 (x = 0, 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75) polycrystalsUrusova N.; Kumar M. Rajesh; Semkin M., et al
2019-12Crystal structures and phase transitions of the van der Waals ferromagnet VI3Dolezal, P; Kratochvilova, M; Holy, V, et al
2017-06Determination of Hund's coupling in 5d oxides using resonant inelastic x-ray scatteringBo Yuan; J. P. Clancy; A. M. Cook, et al
2018-10Dielectric Response of Quantum Critical Ferroelectric as a Function of PressureM. J. Coak; C. R. S. Haines; C. Liu, et al
2018-08Doping effects on the ferroelectric transition of multiferroic Y(Mn,Al/Ga) O3Hasung Sim; Haeri Kim; Kisoo Park, et al
2016-12Double-Layer Buffer Template to Grow Commensurate Epitaxial BaBiO3 Thin FilmsHan Gyeol Lee; Yoonkoo Kim; Sang Woon Hwang, et al
2017-10Electrodynamic properties of the semimetallic Dirac material SrMnBi2: Two-carrier-model analysisH. J. Park; Byung Cheol Park; Min-Cheol Lee, et al
2019-07Electronic and vibrational properties of the two-dimensional Mott insulator V0.9PS3 under pressureMatthew John Coak; Yong-Hyun Kim; Yoo Soo Yi, et al
2015-12Electronic structure and insulating gap in epitaxial VO2 polymorphsShinbuhm Lee; Tricia L. Meyer; Chang Hee Sohn, et al
2017-07Element-Specific Orbital Character in a Nearly-Free-Electron Superconductor Ag5Pb2O6 Revealed by Core-Level PhotoemissionSoobin Sinn; Kyung Dong Lee; Choong Jae Won, et al
2019-05Emergent holographic description for the Kondo effect: Comparison with Bethe ansatzKi-Seok Kim; Suk Bum Chung; Chanyong Park, et al
2019-08Enhanced ferroelectricity in perovskite oxysulfidesMuhammad Sheeraz; Hye Jung Kim; Kyou-Hyun Kim, et al
2018-06Evidence for absence of metallic surface states in BiO2-terminated BaBiO3 thin filmsJi Seop Oh; Minu Kim; Gideok Kim, et al
2019-12Evidence of structural evolution in Sr2RhO4 studied by time-resolved optical reflectivity spectroscopyMin-Cheol Lee; Inho Kwak; Choong H. Kim, et al
2019-02Experimental realization of atomically flat and AlO2-terminated LaAlO3(001) substrate surfacesJeong Rae Kim; Lee Jiyeon N.; Junsik Mun, et al
2019-04Failure of Nielsen-Ninomiya Theorem and Fragile Topology in Two-Dimensional Systems with Space-Time Inversion Symmetry: Application to Twisted Bilayer Graphene at Magic AngleJunyeong Ahn; Sungjoon Park; Bohm-Jung Yan
2019-04First Observation of Ferroelectricity in ∼1 nm Ultrathin Semiconducting BaTiO 3 FilmsSeung Ran Lee; Lkhagvasuren Baasandorj; Jung Won Chang, et al
2019-11Fragile topology protected by inversion symmetry: Diagnosis, bulk-boundary correspondence, and Wilson loopYoonseok Hwang; Junyeong Ahn; Bohm-Jung Yang
2017-12Frustrated antiferromagnetic honeycomb-tunnel-like lattice CuR2Ge2O8 (R=Pr, Nd, Sm, and Eu)Hwanbeom Cho; Marie Kratochvilova; Nahyun Lee, et al
2019-02Frustrated Magnetism in Mott Insulating (V1-xCrx)2 O3J. C. Leiner; H. O. Jeschke; R. Valentí, et al
2019-10Giant Rashba-type spin splitting in Bi=Ag(111) from asymmetric interatomic-hoppingJisook Hong; Jun-Won Rhim; Inkyung Song, et al
2018-03Giant thermal hysteresis in Verwey transition of single domain Fe3O4 nanoparticlesTaehun Kim; Sumin Lim; Jaeyoung Hong, et al
2018-01Graphene analogue in (111)-oriented BaBiO3 bilayer heterostructures for topological electronicsRokyeon Kim; Jaejun Yu; Hosub Jin
2019-09Hard ferromagnetic van-der-Waals metal (Fe,Co)3GeTe2: A new platform for the study of low-dimensional magnetic quantum criticalityInho Hwang; Matthew J Coak; Nahyun Lee, et al
2019-10Hidden structural transition in epitaxial Ca0.5Sr0.5IrO3/SrTiO3 thin filmJin, WT; Gretarsson, H; S. Y. Jang, et al
2014-12High-resolution structure studies and magnetoelectric coupling of relaxor multiferroic Pb(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3Hasung Sim; Darren C. Peets; Sanghyun Lee, et al
2020-03Higher-order topological superconductivity of spin-polarized fermionsJunyeong Ahn; Bohm-Jung Yang
2020-01Hump-like structure in Hall signal from ultra-thin SrRuO3 films without inhomogeneous anomalous Hall effectByungmin Sohn; Bongju Kim; Jun Woo Choi, et al
2019-08Hybridization and Decay of Magnetic Excitations in Two-Dimensional Triangular Lattice AntiferromagnetsTaehun Kim; Kisoo Par; Jonathan C. Leiner, et al
2018-05Hybridized orbital states in spin-orbit coupled 3d-5d double perovskites studied by x-ray absorption spectroscopyMin-Cheol Lee; Sanghyun Lee; Won C.J., et al
2019-04In-operando spectroscopic ellipsometry studies of IrO2 dynamic instabilities: Guide to in-situ growth of pyrochlore iridate thin filmsWoo Jin Kim; Eun Kyo Ko; So Yeun Kim, et al
2013-10Indications of strong neutral impurity scattering in Ba(Sn,Sb)O3 single crystalsHyung Joon Kim; Jiyeon Kim; Tai Hoon Kim, et al
2015-12Infrared probe of spin-phonon coupling in antiferromagnetic honeycomb lattice compound Li2MnO3Seungjae Song; Sanghyun Lee; Seyoung Jeon, et al
2014-03Intrinsic nature of visible-light absorption in amorphous semiconducting oxidesYoungho Kang; Hochul Song; Ho-Hyun Nahm, et al
2019-07Isostructural Mott transition in 2D honeycomb antiferromagnet V0.9PS3Matthew J. Coak; Suhan Son; Dominik Daisenberger, et al
2019-12Kibble–Zurek universality in a strongly interacting Fermi superfluidBumsuk Ko; Jee Woo Park; Y. Shin
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