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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08A universal explanation of tunneling conductance in exotic superconductorsJongbae Hong; D.S.L.Abergel
2018-08Accurate projective two-band description of topological superfluidity in spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gasesJoachim Brand; Lauri Toikka; Ulrich Zülicke
2018-12Almost compact moving breathers with fine-Tuned discrete time quantum walksI. Vakulchyk; M. V. Fistul; Y. Zolotaryuk, et al
2017-10Anderson localization in generalized discrete-time quantum walksI. Vakulchyk; M. V. Fistul; P. Qin, et al
2018-04Asymmetric wave transmission through one dimensional lattices with cubic-quintic nonlinearityMuhammad Abdul Wasay
2017-10Driven-dissipative spin chain model based on exciton-polariton condensatesH. Sigurdsson; A. J. Ramsay; H. Ohadi, et al
2018-03Effect of Sn-Doping on Behavior of Li-Intercalation in V2O5 Cathode Materials of Li-Ion Batteries: A Computational PerspectiveSuwit Suthirakun; Sirichok Jungthawan; Sukit Limpijumnong
2017-05Effects of magnetic field topology in black hole-neutron star mergers: Long-term simulationsMew-Bing Wan
2018-06Electric and magnetic gating of Rashba-active weak linksA. Aharony; O. Entin-Wohlman; M. Jonson, et al
2018-10Excitation of localized condensates in the flat band of the exciton-polariton Lieb latticeMeng Sun; Savenko, Ivan; Sergej, Flach, et al
2017-01Fractional lattice charge transportSergej Flach; Ramaz Khomeriki
2016-06Landau-Zener Bloch Oscillations with Perturbed Flat BandsRamaz Khomeriki; Sergej Flach
2016-10Lift force due to odd Hall viscosityE. Kogan
2018-01Magnetically induced transparency of a quantum metamaterial composed of twin flux qubitsK.V. Shulga; E. Il’ichev; M.V. Fistul, et al
2017-10Metal-insulator transition in a sliding Luttinger liquid with line defectsA. L. Chudnovskiy; V. Kagalovsky; I. V. Yurkevich
2018-04Molecular Kondo effect in flat-band latticesMinh-Tien Tran; Thuy Thi Nguyen
2019-02Non-Gibbs states on a Bose-Hubbard latticeAlexander Yu. Cherny; Thomas Engl; Sergej Flach
2017-04Nonlinear entangled quantum dynamics in many-body systems with strong electron correlationJongbae Hong
2018-01Quantum exciton-polariton networks through inverse four-wave mixingT. C. H. Liew; Y.G. Rubo
2018-01Quantum jumps on Anderson attractorsI.I. Yusipov; T. V. Laptyeva; M.V. Ivanchenko
2017-01Replica symmetry breaking for anisotropic magnets with quenched disorderE. Kogan; M Kaveh
2017-06Scattering from surface fractals in terms of composing mass fractalsA. Yu. Cherny; E. M. Anitas; V. A. Osipov, et al
2018-07Signatures of many-body localization in steady states of open quantum systemsI. Vakulchyk; I. Yusipov; M. Ivanchenko, et al
2017-01small-angle scattering from the Cantor surface fractal on the plane and the Koch snowflakeA. Yu. Cherny; E. M. Anitas; V. A. Osipov, et al
2016-08Spin and charge thermopower effects in the ferromagnetic graphene junctionJavad Vahedi; Fattaneh Barimani
2018-07Stochastic spin flips in polariton condensates: Nonlinear tuning from GHz to sub-HzDel Valle-Inclan Redondo Y.; Ohadi H.; Yuri G Rubo, et al
2018-01Topological flat Wannier-Stark bandsA.R. Kolovsky; Ajith Ramachandran; Sergej Flach
2017-02Zero-Temperature Study of a Tetrameric Spin-1/2 Chain in a Transverse Magnetic FieldJavad Vahedi; M. Shabani Arbousara; S. Mahdavifar
2018-06Zitterbewegung of exciton-polaritonsSedov E.S.; Rubo Y.G.; Kavokin A.V.