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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-02Acid catalytic function of mesopore walls generated by MFI zeolite desilication in comparison with external surfaces of MFI zeolite nanosheetJinhwan Jung; Changbum Jo; Filipe Marques Mota, et al
2016-03Anatase TiO2 nanosheets with surface acid sites for Friedel-Crafts alkylationMunhee Lee; Yongbeom Seo; Hye Sun Shin, et al
2014-07Annulation of phenols: Catalytic behavior of conventional and 2D zeolitesOpanasenko, M.V.; Shamzhy, M.V.; Changbum Jo, et al
2014-08Bulk crystal seeding on the generation of mesopores by organosilane surfactants in zeolite synthesisJaeheon Kim; Changbum Jo; Seungjun Lee, et al
2013-09Capping with multivalent surfactants for zeolite nanocrystal synthesisChangbum Jo; Jinhwan Jung; Hye Sun Shin, et al
2017-04Highly monodisperse supported metal nanoparticles by basic ammonium functionalization of mesopore walls for industrially relevant catalysisJangkeun Cho; Leilei Xu; Changbum Jo, et al
2014-08Mesopore expansion of surfactant-directed nanomorphic zeolites with trimethylbenzeneChangbum Jo; Jinhwan Jung; Ryong Ryoo
2016-07Mesoporous In-Sn binary oxides of crystalline framework with extended compositional variationJangkeun Cho; Changbum Jo; Jae Won Shin, et al
2014-04MFI zeolite nanosponges possessing uniform mesopores generated by bulk crystal seeding in the hierarchical surfactant-directed synthesisChangbum Jo; Kanghee Cho; Jaeheon Kim, et al
2013-04Molecular shape-selectivity of MFI zeolite nanosheets in n-decane isomerization and hydrocrackingVerheyen, Elke; Changbum Jo; Kurttepeli, Mert, et al
2019-12Oxygen activation on the interface between Pt nanoparticles and mesoporous defective TiO2 during CO oxidationSunyoung Oh; Hyunwoo Ha; Hanseul Choi, et al
2017-02Synthesis of mesoporous zeolites in fluoride media with structure-directing multiammonium surfactantsChangbum Jo; Woojin Park; Ryong Ryoo
2015-10Synthesis of Silicate Zeolite Analogues Using Organic Sulfonium Compounds as Structure-Directing AgentsChangbum Jo; Sungjune Lee; Sung June Cho, et al
2013-08The effect of MFI zeolite lamellar and related mesostructures on toluene disproportionation and alkylationChangbum Jo; Ryong Ryoo; Zilkova N., et al
2017-06Tomographic imaging of pore networks and connectivity of surfactant-directed mesoporous zeolitesSeungyeop Lee; Changbum Jo; Ryong Ryoo