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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09Antiresonance induced by symmetry-broken contacts in quasi-one-dimensional latticesJung-Wan Ryu; Nojoon Myoung; Hee Chul Park
2017-03Compact localized states and flat-band generators in one dimensionWulayimu Maimaiti; Alexey Andreanov; Hee Chul Park, et al
2017-12Conductance oscillations in Chern insulator junctions: Valley-isospin dependence and Aharonov-Bohm effectsNojoon Myoung; Hee Chul Park
2019-09Coulomb effects on thermally induced shuttling of spin-polarized electronsIlinskaya O.A.; Shkop A.D.; Radic D., et al
2019-07Coulomb-promoted spintromechanics in magnetic shuttle devicesIlinskaya, OA; Radic, D; H. C. Park, et al
2019-09DC spin generation by junctions with AC driven spin-orbit interactionM. Jonson; R. I. Shekhter; O. Entin-Wohlman, et al
2017-01Direct Probing of the Electronic Structures of Single-Layer and Bilayer Graphene with a Hexagonal Boron Nitride Tunneling BarrierSuyong Jung; Nojoon Myoung; Jaesung Park, et al
2020-03Electronic current in a nano-mechanical kicked electron shuttlePinquan Qin; Hee Chul Park
2019-02Flat-band localization and self-collimation of light in photonic crystalsMyoung N.; Hee Chul Park; Ajith Ramachandran, et al
2017-12Gas molecule sensing of van der Waals tunnel field effect transistorsHong Kyw Choi; Jaesung Park; Nojoon Myoung, et al
2016-04Gate-Tunable Spin Transport and Giant Electroresistance in Ferromagnetic Graphene Vertical HeterostructuresNojoon Myoung; Hee Chul Park; Seung Joo Lee
2017-01Interacting ultracold atomic kicked rotors: Loss of dynamical localizationPinquan Qin; Alexei Andreanov; Hee Chul Park, et al
2019-12Kondo effect in a Aharonov-Casher interferometerA. V. Parafilo; L. Y. Gorelik; M. N. Kiselev, et al
2015-09Manifestation of axion electrodynamics through magnetic ordering on edges of a topological insulatorLee, Y.-L.; Hee Chul Park; Ihm, J., et al
2020-02Manipulation of valley isospins in strained graphene for valleytronicsNojoon Myoung; Hyungkook Choi; Hee Chul Park
2018-10Mechanically driven spin-orbit-active weak linksM. Jonson; R.I. Shekhter; O. Entin-Wohlman, et al
2018-06Mechanically induced thermal breakdown in magnetic shuttle structuresO A Ilinskaya; S I Kulinich; I V Krive, et al
2016-02Poisson’s ratio in layered two-dimensional crystalsSungjong Woo; Hee Chul Park; Young-Woo Son
2018-04Quantum Transport and Non-Hermiticity on Flat-Band LatticesHee Chul Park; Jung-Wan Ryu; Nojoon Myoung
2017-08Reconfiguration of quantum states in ℘T-symmetric quasi-one-dimensional latticesJung-Wan Ryu; Nojoon Myoung; Hee Chul Park
2017-11Strain-shear coupling in bilayer MoS2Jae-Ung Lee; Sungjong Woo; Jaesung Park, et al
2018-06Strong Two-Mode Parametric Interaction and Amplification in a Nanomechanical ResonatorSungwan Cho; Sung Un Cho; Myunglae Jo, et al
2017-03Transition of a nanomechanical Sharvin oscillator towards the chaotic regimeJoon Hyong Cho; Minah Seo; Taikjin Lee, et al