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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12A broadband gamma-ray spectrometry using novel unfolding algorithms for characterization of laser wakefield-generated betatron radiationJong Ho Jeon; Kazuhisa Nakajima; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2014-07Conceptual designs of a laser plasma accelerator-based EUV-FEL and an all-optical Gamma-beam sourceNakajima, K
2016-05Energy spread minimization in a cascaded laser wakefield accelerator via velocity bunchingZhang Z.; Li W.; Liu J., et al
2016-07Generation of femtosecond γ-ray bursts stimulated by laser-driven hosing evolutionMa Y.; Chen L.; Li D., et al
2015-10Generation of high quality electron beams from a quasi-phase-stable cascaded laser wakefield accelerator with density-tailored plasma segmentsZhijun Zhang; Jiansheng Liu; Wento Wang, et al
2017-02Laser AccelerationTajima T.; Nakajima K.; Mourou G.
2015-06Laser-driven electron beam and radiation sources for basic, medical and industrial sciencesKazuhisa Nakajima
2015-03Laser-Driven Very High Energy Electron/Photon Beam Radiation Therapy in Conjunction with a Robotic SystemKazuhisa Nakajima; Yuan, JJ; Chen, LM, et al
2016-07Measurement of angularly dependent spectra of betatron gamma-rays from a laser plasma accelerator with quadrant-sectored range filtersJong Ho Jeon; Kazuhisa Nakajima; Hyung Taek Kim, et al
2017-05Novel efficient THz undulator using a laser-driven wireKazuhisa Nakajima
2018-06Quasi-monoenergetic multi-GeV electron acceleration by optimizing the spatial and spectral phases of PW laser pulsesShin, J; Hyung Taek Kim; V B Pathak, et al
2015-03Scaling and design of high-energy laser plasma electron accelerationKazuhisa Nakajima; Hyung Taek Kim; Tae Moon Jeong, et al
2017-12Stable multi-GeV electron accelerator driven by waveform-controlled PW laser pulsesHyung Taek Kim; V. B. Pathak; Ki Hong Pae, et al
2018-11Tabletop laser-driven gamma-ray source with nanostructured double-layer targetTaiwu W. Huang; Chul min Kim; Zhou, CT, et al
2016-01Testing helicity-dependent gamma gamma -> gamma gamma scattering in the region of MeVK. Homma; Matsuura, K; K. Nakajima