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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12Almost compact moving breathers with fine-Tuned discrete time quantum walksI. Vakulchyk; M. V. Fistul; Y. Zolotaryuk, et al
2017-11Analyzing chaos in higher order disordered quartic-sextic Klein-Gordon lattices using q-statisticsChris G. Antonopoulos; Charalampos Skokos; Tassos Bountis, et al
2017-10Anderson localization in generalized discrete-time quantum walksI. Vakulchyk; M. V. Fistul; P. Qin, et al
2018-06Artificial flat band systems: from lattice models to experimentsHighly Cited PaperLeykam, Daniel; Andreanov, Alexey; Sergej, Flach
2015-09Brennpunkt: Eingesperrt–nicht hinter, sondern auf dem GitterSergej Flach; Joshua D. Bodyfelt
2017-10Chiral flat bands: Existence, engineering, and stabilityAjith Ramachandran; Alexei Andreanov; Sergej Flach
2017-03Compact localized states and flat-band generators in one dimensionWulayimu Maimaiti; Alexey Andreanov; Hee Chul Park, et al
2019-09Dynamical glass in weakly nonintegrable Klein-Gordon chainsCarlo Danieli; Thudiyangal Mithun; Yagmur Kati, et al
2018-10Excitation of localized condensates in the flat band of the exciton-polariton Lieb latticeMeng Sun; Savenko, Ivan; Sergej, Flach, et al
2018Fano Resonances in Flat Band NetworksAjith Ramachandran; Carlo Danieli; Sergej Flach
2017-08Flat bands in lattices with non-Hermitian couplingDaniel Leykam; Sergej Flach; Y. D. Chong
2015-06Flat-band engineering of mobility edgesCarlo Danieli; Joshua D. Bodyfelt; Sergej Flach
2017-01Fractional lattice charge transportSergej Flach; Ramaz Khomeriki
2015-05Frequency Combs with Weakly Lasing Exciton-Polariton CondensatesK. Rayanov; B. L. Altshuler; Y. G. Rubo, et al
2017-01Interacting ultracold atomic kicked rotors: Loss of dynamical localizationPinquan Qin; Alexei Andreanov; Hee Chul Park, et al
2015-03Interaction-induced connectivity of disordered two-particle statesKrimer, DO; S. Flach
2017-06Intermittent many-body dynamics at equilibriumCarlo Danieli; D.K. Campbell; Sergej Flach
2016-06Landau-Zener Bloch Oscillations with Perturbed Flat BandsRamaz Khomeriki; Sergej Flach
2017-01Localization of weakly disordered flat band statesDaniel Leykam; Joshua D. Bodyfelt; Anton S. Desyatnikov, et al
2019-02Non-Gibbs states on a Bose-Hubbard latticeAlexander Yu. Cherny; Thomas Engl; Sergej Flach
2016-10Nonlinear localized flat-band modes with spin-orbit couplingG. Gligoric; A. Maluckov; Lj. Hadzievski, et al
2020-01Observation of quincunx-shaped and dipole-like flatband states in photonic rhombic lattices without band-touchingShiqiang Xia; Carlo Danieli; Wenchao Yan, et al
2018-06Perspective: Photonic flatbandsLeykam, Daniel; Sergej, Flach
2017-04Quantum subdiffusion with two- and three-body interactionsIgor I. Yusipov; Tetyana V. Laptyeva; Anna Yu. Pirova, et al
2018-07Signatures of many-body localization in steady states of open quantum systemsI. Vakulchyk; I. Yusipov; M. Ivanchenko, et al
2017-06Stability through asymmetry: Modulationally stable nonlinear supermodes of asymmetric non-Hermitian optical couplersYannis Kominis; Tassos Bountis; Sergej Flach
2019-12Taming two interacting particles with disorderDiana Thongjaomayum; Alexei Andreanov; Thomas Engl, et al
2016-09The Asymmetric Active Coupler: Stable Nonlinear Supermodes and Directed TransportKominis Y.; Bountis T.; Sergej Flach
2018-01Topological flat Wannier-Stark bandsA.R. Kolovsky; Ajith Ramachandran; Sergej Flach