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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04750 GeV diphoton excess may not imply a 750 GeV resonanceWon Sang Cho; Kim D.; Kong K., et al
2016-09750 GeV diphoton resonance and electric dipole momentsKiwoon Choi; Sang Hui Im; Hyungjin Kim, et al
2017-05A map of the non-thermal WIMPHyungjin Kim; Jeong-Pyong Hong; Chang Sub Shin
2018-08A note on circle compactification of tensile ambitwistor stringKanghoon Lee; J.A. Rosabal
2016-12A note on vectorial AdS(5)/CFT4 duality for spin-j boundary theoryJin-Beom Bae; Euihun Joung; Shailesh Lal
2019-03Accelerating the BSM interpretation of LHC data with machine learningGianfranco Bertone; Marc Peter Deisenroth; Jong Soo Kim, et al
2016-08Aligned natural inflation with modulationsKiwoon Choi; Hyungjin Kim
2017-07Axionlike particle assisted strongly interacting massive particleAyuki Kamada; Hyungjin Kim; Toyokazu Sekiguchi
2015-04Boosted event topologies from TeV scale light quark composite partnersMihailo Backovi; Thomas Flacke; Jeong Han Kim, et al
2017-10Bound states of little strings and symmetric orbifold conformal field theoriesAmbreen Ahmed; Stefan Hohenegger; Amer Iqbal, et al
2017-05Boundary conditions of Weyl semimetalsKoji Hashimoto; Taro Kimura; Xi Wu
2016-12Conformal Janus on Euclidean sphereDongsu Bak; Andreas Gustavsson; Soo-Jong Rey
2017-04Connecting M-theory and type IIB parameterizations in exceptional field theoryYuho Sakatani; Shozo Uehara
2017-08Constraining dark photon model with dark matter from CMB spectral distortionsKi-Young Choi; Kenji Kadota; Inwoo Park
2017-11Continuous-spin field propagator and interaction with matterXavier Bekaert; Jihad Mourad; Mojtaba Najazadeh
2017-06Current LHC constraints on minimal universal extra dimensionsNicolas Deutschmann; Thomas Flacke; Jong Soo Kim
2018-06Dark matter direct detection from new interactions in models with spin-two mediatorsA. Carrillo-Monteverde; Yoo-Jin Kang; Hyun Min Lee, et al
2018-12Dark matter search in nucleon, pion, and electron channels from a proton beam dump with MiniBooNEAguilar-Arevalo A.A.; M. Backfish; A. Bashyal, et al
2016-09Diphoton channel at the LHC experiments to find a hint for a new heavy gauge bosonKunio Kaneta; Subeom Kang; Hye-Sung Lee
2015-07Discovering heavy new physics in boosted Z channels: Z -> l(+)l(-) vs Z ->nu(nu)over-tildeBackovic, M; Flacke, T; Jeong Han Kim, et al
2017-07Dual little strings from F-theory and flop transitionsStefan Hohenegger; Amer Iqbal; Soo-Jong Rey
2017-04Dynamics of the cosmological relaxation after reheatingKiwoon Choi; Hyungjin Kim; Toyokazu Sekiguchi
2017-04Edge states at an intersection of edges of a topological materialKoji Hashimoto; Xi Wu; Taro Kimura
2017-07Effective action for non-geometric fluxes duality covariant actionsKanghoon Lee; Soo-Jong Rey; Yuho Sakatan
2017-04Electroweak Kaluza-Klein dark matterThomas Flacke; Dong Woo Kang; Kyoungchul Kong, et al
2017-08Elementary particles with continuous spinXavier Bekaert; Evgeny D. Skvortsov
2017-11eta-symbols in exceptional field theoryYuho Sakatani; Shozo Uehara
2015-02Explaining the Lepton Non-universality at the LHCb and CMS within a unified frameworkSanjoy Biswas; Debtosh Chowdhury; Sangeun Han, et al
2017-08Fermi/non-Fermi mixing in SU(N) Kondo effectTaro Kimura; Sho Ozaki
2017-12Five-brane webs and highest weight representationsBrice Bastian; Stefan Hohenegger
2018-06Fuzzy Euclidean wormholes in anti-de Sitter spaceSubeom Kang; Dong-Han Yeom
2020-02Gamma-ray spectral modulations induced by photon-ALP-dark photon oscillationsKiwoon Choi; Sangjun Lee; Hyeonseok Seong, et al
2017-04Generalized gravity from modified DFTYuho Sakatani; Shozo Uehara; Kentaroh Yoshida
2017-04Geometric Monte Carlo and black Janus geometriesDongsu Bak; Chanju Kim; Kyung Kiu Kim, et al
2017-11Gravitational waves from first-order phase transitions: towards model separation by bubble nucleation rateRyusuke Jinno; Sangjun Lee; Hyeonseok Seong, et al
2019-10Gravitational waves from first-order phase transitions: ultra-supercooled transitions and the fate of relativistic shocksRyusuke Jinno; Hyeonseok Seong; Masahiro Takimoto, et al
2016-07Higher spin double field theory: a proposalXavier Bekaert; Jeong-Hyuck Park
2017-06Holographic micro thermoeld geometries of BTZ black holesDongsu Bak; Chanju Kim; Kyung Kiu Kim, et al
2017-10Homogeneous Yang-Baxter deformations as generalized diffeomorphismsJun-ichi Sakamoto; Yuho Sakatani; Kentaroh Yoshida
2017-01Identifying a new particle with jet substructuresChengcheng Han; Doojin Kim; Minho Kim, et al
2016-06Identifying the production process of new physics at colliders; symmetric or asymmetric?Sung Hak Lim
2016-06Mini force: The (B-L)+xY gauge interaction with a light mediatorHye-Sung Lee; Seokhoon Yun
2017-11Minimal flavor violation with axion-like particlesKiwoon Choi; Sang Hui Im; Chan Beom Park, et al
2017-10Minimal flavored U(1)′ for B -meson anomaliesLigong Bian; Soo-Min Choi; Yoo-Jin Kang, et al
2017-05Mixed-symmetry fields in de Sitter space: a group theoretical glanceThomas Basile; Xavier Bekaert; Nicolas Boulanger
2017-06Model independent constraints on charges of new particlesDongjin Chway; Radovan Dermíšek; Tae Hyun Jung, et al
2017-12Monodromy relations in higher-loop string amplitudesS.Hohenegger; Stieberger, S
2018-06More on the new large D limit of matrix modelsTatsuo Azeyanagi; Frank Ferrari; Paolo Gregori, et al
2014-07Natural inflation with multiple sub-Planckian axionsHighly Cited PaperKiwoon Choi; Hyungjin Kim; Seokhoon Yun
2016-01OPTIMASS: A Package for the Minimization of Kinematic Mass Functions with ConstraintsWon Sang Cho; James S. Gainer; Doojin Kim, et al
2016-02Probing Higgs boson self-interactions in proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 100 TeVBenjamin Fuks; Jeong Han Kim; Seung J. Lee
2016-08Probing TeV scale top-philic resonances with boosted top-tagging at the high luminosity LHCJeong Han Kim; Kong K.; Lee S.J., et al
2017-09Quantum information metric on ℝ × S d − 1Dongsu Bak; Andrea Trivella
2018-09Quantum phase transitions in a frustration-free spin chain based on modified Motzkin walksFumihiko Sugino; Pramod Padmanabhan
2018-01Refined geometric transition and qq-charactersTaro Kimura; Hironori Mori; Yuji Sugimoto
2019-11Sampling the mu nu SSM for displaced decays of the tau left sneutrino LSP at the LHCEssodjolo Kpatcha; Iñaki Lara; Daniel E. López-Fogliani, et al
2016-04Search strategies for TeV scale fermionic top partners with charge 2/3Mihailo Backovic; Thomas Flacke; Jeong Han Kim, et al
2016-08Spinor-helicity three-point amplitudes from local cubic interactionsEduardo Conde; Euihun Joung; Karapet Mkrtchyan
2020-02The classical double copy of a point chargeKwangeon Kim; Kanghoon Lee; Ricardo Monteiro, et al
2017-06The rotation curve of a point particle in stringy gravitySung Moon Ko; Jeong-Hyuck Park; Minwoo Suh
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