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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-02A 3.5 V Lithium-Iodine Hybrid Redox Battery with Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Current CollectorZhao, Yu; Misun Hong; Mercier, Nadège Bonnet, et al
2014-07Atomic Layer-by-Layer Thermoelectric Conversion in Topological Insulator Bismuth/Antimony TelluridesJi Ho Sung; Hoseok Heo; Inchan Hwang, et al
2016-12Broken-Symmetry Quantum Hall States in Twisted Bilayer GrapheneKim Y.; Park J.; Intek Song, et al
2018-08Crystallisation of organic molecules with a remarkably suppressed coffee-ring effect by a drop-drying process using binary solvent core-shell dropletsYoolim Ahn; Yohwan Park; Jin Young Koo, et al
2014-08Crystallization-Induced Properties from Morphology-Controlled Organic CrystalsChilbeom Park; Ji Eun Park; Hee Cheul Choi
2018-05Determining the Facile Routes for Oxygen Evolution Reaction by in Situ Probing of Li-O2 Cells with Conformal Li2O2 FilmsMisun Hong; Chunzhen Yang; Raymond A. Wong, et al
2016-12Direct observation of the M2 phase with its Mott transition in a VO2 filmHoon Kim; Slusar T.V.; Dirk Wulferding, et al
2017-04Domain engineering of the metastable domains in the 4f-uniaxial-ferromagnet CeRu2 Ga2BD. Wulferding; H. Kim; I. Yang, et al
2014-03Electroluminescence from Graphene Quantum Dots Prepared by Amidative Cutting of Tattered GraphiteKwon, W; Kim, YH; Lee, CL, et al
2015-09High-Conductivity Two-Dimensional Polyaniline Nanosheets Developed on Ice SurfacesChoi I.Y.; Lee J.; Ahn H., et al
2016-11Large-area two-dimensional bismuth selenide crystals synthesized by solution-based control of the nucleation environmentMukul Pradhan; Intek Song; Jinho Lee, et al
2016-09Layer-Confined Excitonic Insulating Phase in Ultrathin Ta2NiSe5 CrystalsKim S.Y.; Kim Y.; Kang C.-J., et al
2015-03Nanoporous NiO plates with a unique role for promoted oxidation of carbonate and carboxylate species in the Li-O2 batteryMisun Hong; Hee Cheul Choi; Hye Ryung Byon
2014-01Patternable large-scale molybdenium disulfide atomic layers grown by gold-assisted chemical vapor depositionIntek Song; Chibeom Park; Misun Hong, et al
2019-04Position-selective solution phase growth of fullerene crystalsChibeom Park; Jinho Lee; Lee M., et al
2016-08Probing distinct fullerene formation processes from carbon precursors of different sizes and structuresHan J.Y.; Choi T.S.; Soyoung Kim, et al
2017-08Rapid Photochemical Synthesis of Sea-Urchin-Shaped Hierarchical Porous COF-5 and Its Lithography-Free Patterned GrowthSoyoung Kim; Chibeom Park; Minkyung Lee, et al
2019-02Revealing the Role of Gold in the Growth of Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide by Surface Alloy FormationInkyung Song; Hee Cheul Choi
2017-05Reverse Anti-solvent Crystallization Process for the Facile Synthesis of Zinc Tetra(4-pyridyl)porphyrin Single Crystalline CubesYohwan Park; Hong M.; Jin Young Koo, et al
2016-02Selective Formation of Conductive Network by Radical-Induced OxidationKoo J.Y.; Yakiyama Y.; Lee G.R., et al
2015-04Selective growth of a C70 crystal in a mixed solvent system: From cube to tubeJungah Kim; Chibeom Park; Hee Cheul Choi
2018-01Single-Component-Based White Light Photoluminescence Emission via Selective Photooxidation in an Organic-Polymer Hybrid SystemMinkyung Lee; Intek Song; Misun Hong, et al
2015-07Spatially resolved penetration depth measurements and vortex manipulation in the ferromagnetic superconductor ErNi2 B2 CDirk Wulferding; Ilkyu Yang; Jinho Yang, et al
2016-08Stimuli-Regulated Enzymatically Degradable Smart Graphene-Oxide-Polymer Nanocarrier Facilitating Photothermal Gene DeliveryHyunwoo Kim; Jinhwan Kim; Minkyung Lee, et al
2019-02Surface-Mediated Recrystallization for Highly Conducting Organic Radical CrystalTaeyeon Kwon; Koo J.Y.; Hee Cheul Choi
2015Synthesis and properties of molybdenum disulphide: From bulk to atomic layersHighly Cited PaperIntek Song; Chibeom Park; Hee Cheul Choi
2018-07Synthesis of a Scalable Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Framework by the Photon-Assisted Imine Condensation Reaction on the Water SurfaceKim S.; Hyunseob Lim; Lee J., et al
2018-11Transfer-Free, Large-Scale Growth of High-Quality Graphene on Insulating Substrate by Physical Contact of Copper FoilIntek Song; Yohwan Park; Hyeyeon Cho, et al
2016-08Unique Crystallization of Fullerenes: Fullerene FlowersJungah Kim; Chibeom Park; Intek Song, et al
2015-11Value-added Synthesis of Graphene: Recycling Industrial Carbon Waste into Electrodes for High-Performance Electronic DevicesSeo, H.-K.; Kim, T.-S.; Chibeom Park, et al