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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07Characterization of the insulator barrier and the superconducting transition temperature in GdBa2Cu3O72d/BaTiO3 bilayers for application in tunnel junctionsNavarro H.; Yang I.; Sirena M., et al
2015-04Charge ordering, ferroelectric, and magnetic domains in LuFe2O4 observed by scanning probe microscopyYang I.K.; Jeehoon Kim; Lee S.H., et al
2016-02Construction of a 3He magnetic force microscope with a vector magnetJinho Yang; Ilkyu Yang; Yun Won Kim, et al
2016-04Critical current densities and flux creep rates in near optimally doped BaFe2-xRuxAs2 (x≈0.7) single crystalsHaberkorn N.; Eom M.J.; You J.S., et al
2016-12Direct observation of the M2 phase with its Mott transition in a VO2 filmHoon Kim; Slusar T.V.; Dirk Wulferding, et al
2014-09Direct observation of the spin polarization in Au atomic wires on Si(553)H W Yeom; Sung Won Jung; Jin Sung Shin, et al
2017-04Domain engineering of the metastable domains in the 4f-uniaxial-ferromagnet CeRu2 Ga2BD. Wulferding; H. Kim; I. Yang, et al
2015-05Enhancement of the critical current density by increasing the collective pinning energy in heavy ion irradiated Co-doped BaFe2As2 single crystalsHaberkorn N.; Jeehoon Kim; Gofryk K., et al
2014-09Increment of the collective pinning energy in Na1-xCaxFe2As2 single crystals with random point defects introduced by proton irradiationN Haberkorn; Jeehoon Kim; Maiorov, B, et al
2015-12Influence of random point defects introduced by proton irradiation on the flux creep rates and magnetic field dependence of the critical current density J c of co-evaporated GdBa2Cu3O7-δ coated conductorsHaberkorn, N.; Jeehoon Kim; Suárez, S., et al
2015-08Magnetic domain tuning and the emergence of bubble domains in the bilayer manganite La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7 (x=0.32)Juyoung Jeong; Ilkyu Yang; Jinho Yang, et al
2015-03Smooth surfaces in very thin GdBa2Cu3O7 - δ films for application in superconducting tunnel junctionsNavarro H.; Sirena M.; Jeehoon Kim, et al
2015-07Spatially resolved penetration depth measurements and vortex manipulation in the ferromagnetic superconductor ErNi2 B2 CDirk Wulferding; Ilkyu Yang; Jinho Yang, et al
2015-02Strong magnetic field dependence of critical current densities and vortex activation energies in an anisotropic clean MgB2 thin filmJeehoon Kim; Haberkorn, N; Nazaretski, E, et al
2015-01Superconducting properties in heavily overdoped Ba(Fe0.86Co0.14)2As2 single crystalsJeehoon Kim; Haberkorn N.; Gofryk K., et al
2015-09Thermal and transport properties of U2PtxIr1-xC2Mingu Kang; Wakeham N.; Ni N., et al
2016-08Two-parameter scaling theory of the longitudinal magnetoconductivity in a Weyl metal phase: Chiral anomaly, weak disorder, and finite temperatureKim K.-M.; Shin D.; Sasaki M., et al
2013-10Upper critical magnetic field and vortex-free state in very thin epitaxial δ-MoN films grown by polymer-assisted depositionHaberkorn N.; Zhang Y.Y.; Jeehoon Kim, et al
2017-11Violation of Ohm’s law in a Weyl metalDongwoo Shin; Yongwoo Lee; M.Sasaki, et al