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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06A perspective on objectives for carbon scienceRodney S. Ruoff
2019-08Adlayer-Free Large-Area Single Crystal Graphene Grown on a Cu(111) FoilLuo D.; Wang M.; Li Y., et al
2015-06Atomic-scale dynamics of triangular hole growth in monolayer hexagonal boron nitride under electron irradiationGyeong Hee Ryu; Hyo Ju Park; Junga Ryou, et al
2016-11Birch-Type Hydrogenation of Few-Layer Graphenes: Products and Mechanistic ImplicationsXu Zhang; Yuan Huang; Shanshan Chen, et al
2015-03Breaking of Symmetry in Graphene Growth on Metal SubstratesArtyukhov, VI; Hao, YF; Rodney S. Ruoff, et al
2014-02Capacitance of carbon-based electrical double-layer capacitorsHighly Cited PaperJi H.; Zhao X.; Qiao Z., et al
2017-10Carrier-Type Modulation and Mobility Improvement of Thin MoTe2Deshun Qu; Xiaochi Liu; Ming Huang, et al
2014-06Catalytic Transparency of Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Copper for Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Large-Area and High-Quality GrapheneMin Wang; Minwoo Kim; Dorj Odkhuu, et al
2020-03Centimeter-Scale and Highly Crystalline Two-Dimensional Alcohol: Evidence for Graphenol (C6OH)Lim H.; Park Y.; Lee M., et al
2019-11Charge Transfer during the Dissociation of H-2 and the Charge State of H Atoms in Liquid GalliumDulce C. Camacho-Mojica; Benjamin Cunning; Shahana Chatterjee, et al
2015-12Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Graphene and Related MaterialsRyo Kitaura; Yasumitsu Miyata; Rong Xiang, et al
2020-01Chemically induced transformation of chemical vapour deposition grown bilayer graphene into fluorinated single-layer diamondPavel V. Bakharev; Ming Huang; Manav Saxena, et al
2015-12Continuous Carbon Nanotube-Ultrathin Graphite Hybrid Foams for Increased Thermal Conductivity and Suppressed Subcooling in Composite Phase Change MaterialsIskandar Kholmanov; Jaehyun Kim; Eric Ou, et al
2014-11Controllable seeding of single crystal graphene islands from graphene oxide flakesLi, QY; Zhang, CK; Lin, WY, et al
2017-02Controlled Folding of Single Crystal GrapheneBin Wang; Ming Huang; Na Yeon Kim, et al
2017-03Conversion of Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers and bilayers of poly (amic acid) through polyimide to grapheneHye Jin Jo; Ji Hong Lyu; Rodney S. Ruoff, et al
2016-11Covalently Connected Carbon Nanostructures for Current Collectors in Both the Cathode and Anode of Li–S BatteriesSong Jin; Sen Xin; Linjun Wang, et al
2019-04Do-It-Yourself Transfer of Large-Area Graphene Using an Office Laminator and WaterAbhay Shivayogimath; Patrick Rebsdorf Whelan; David M.A. Mackenzie, et al
2019-07Double-Spiral Hexagonal Boron Nitride and Shear Strained Coalescence BoundaryHyo Ju Park; Roland Yingjie Tay; Xiao Wang, et al
2019-11Effect of Copper Substrate Surface Orientation on the Reductive Functionalization of GrapheneXu Zhang; Da Luo; Hanyang Zhang, et al
2019-03Efficient Metal-Free Electrocatalysts from N-Doped Carbon Nanomaterials: Mono-Doping and Co-DopingKun Gao; Bin Wang; Li Tao, et al
2015-11First-principles investigation of wet-chemical routes for the hydrogenation of grapheneYevhen Horbatenko; Min Choi; Rodney S. Ruoff, et al
2016-08First-Principles Study of the Role of O2 and H2O in the Decoupling of Graphene on Cu(111)Kester Wong; Seok Ju Kang; Christopher W. Bielawski, et al
2015-10Fracture of polycrystalline graphene membranes by in situ nanoindentation in a scanning electron microscopeSuk, JW; Mancevski, V; Hao, YF, et al
2018-05Functionalized boron nitride membranes with ultrafast solvent transport performance for molecular separationCheng Chen; Jiemin Wang; Dan Liu, et al
2016-11Graphene Coatings as Barrier Layers to Prevent the Water-Induced Corrosion of Silicate GlassBin Wang; Benjamin V. Cunning; Sun-Young Park, et al
2015-01Graphene, related two-dimensional crystals, and hybrid systems for energy conversion and storageHighly Cited PaperBonaccorso, F; Colombo, L; Yu, GH, et al
2020-04Growth of Single-Layer and Multilayer Graphene on Cu/Ni Alloy SubstratesMing Huang; Rodney S. Ruoff
2015-08In Situ Activation of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Anchored on Graphite Foam for a High-Capacity AnodeJunyi Ji; Jilei Liu; Linfei Lai, et al
2019-03Incipient plasticity and fully plastic contact behavior of copper coated with a graphene layerSun-Young Park; Young-Cheon Kim; Rodney S. Ruoff, et al
2017-02Incorporating Pyrrolic and Pyridinic Nitrogen into a Porous Carbon made from C-60 Molecules to Obtain Superior Energy StorageZiqi Tan; Kun Ni; Guanxiong Chen, et al
2016-11Interaction of black phosphorus with oxygen and waterHighly Cited PaperYuan Huang; Jingsi Qiao; Kai He, et al
2020-04Large-area single-crystal AB-bilayer and ABA-trilayer graphene grown on a Cu/Ni(111) foilMing Huang; Pavel V. Bakharev; Wang, ZJ, et al
2016-11Laser-induced phase separation of silicon carbideInsung Choi; Hu Young Jeong; Hyeyoung Shin, et al
2016-03Low-Cost Synthesis Route for High-Performance S/C Composite with 90% S ContentHeng-Xing Ji; Rodney S. Ruoff
2018-06Mass production and industrial applications of graphene materialsHighly Cited PaperYanwu Zhu; Hengxing Ji; Hui-Ming Cheng, et al
2017-06Mechanical properties of atomically thin boron nitride and the role of interlayer interactionsHighly Cited PaperHot PaperAleksey Falin; Qiran Cai; Elton J.G. Santos, et al
2014-08Mesoscale Imperfections in MoS2 Atomic Layers Grown by a Vapor Transport TechniqueLiu, YN; Ghosh, R; Wu, D, et al
2016-12Molecule-Induced Conformational Change in Boron Nitride Nanosheets with Enhanced Surface AdsorptionQiran Cai; Aijun Du; Guoping Gao, et al
2017-10Nanolaminate of metallic glass and graphene with enhanced elastic modulus, strength, and ductility in tensionSun-Young Park; Eun-Ji Gwak; Ming Huang, et al
2020-03Necklace-like Nitrogen-Doped Tubular Carbon 3D Frameworks for Electrochemical Energy StorageRecep Yuksel; Onur Buyukcakir; Panda P.K., et al
2015-05Optical, Electrical, and Electromechanical Properties of Hybrid Graphene/Carbon Nanotube FilmsKholmanov, IN; Magnuson, CW; Piner, R, et al
2019-05Organic Radical-Linked Covalent Triazine Framework with Paramagnetic BehaviorYi Jiang; Inseon Oh; Se Hun Joo, et al
2016-05Oxygen-activated growth and bandgap tunability of large single-crystal bilayer grapheneHighly Cited PaperYufeng Hao; Lei Wang; Yuanyue Liu, et al
2018-09Oxygen-Promoted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Graphene on Copper: A Combined Modeling and Experimental StudyBharathi Madurai Srinivasan; Yufeng Hao; Ramanarayan Hariharaputran, et al
2019-10Partial Oxidation-Induced Electrical Conductivity and Paramagnetism in a Ni(II) Tetraaza[14]annulene-Linked Metal Organic FrameworkYi Jiang; Inseon Oh; Se Hun Joo, et al
2014-07Poly(vinyl alcohol) Reinforced and Toughened with Poly(dopamine)-Treated Graphene Oxide, and Its Use for Humidity SensingHwang, SH; Kang, D; Rodney S Ruoff, et al
2017-08Porous Two-Dimensional Monolayer Metal-Organic Framework Material and Its Use for the Size-Selective Separation of NanoparticlesYi Jiang; Gyeong Hee Ryu; Se Hun Joo, et al
2019-10Preparation and uses of large area single crystal metal foilsSunghwan Jin; Rodney S. Ruof
2015-09Probing carbon isotope effects on the Raman spectra of graphene with different C-13 concentrationsBruno R. Carvalho; Yufeng Hao; Ariete Righi, et al
2016-07Probing the adhesion interactions of graphene on silicon oxide by nanoindentationJi Won Suk; Seung Ryul Na; Ryan J. Stromberg, et al
2016-05Rapid thermal decomposition of confined graphene oxide films in airXianjue Chen; Dongli Meng; Bin Wang, et al
2015-08Revealing the planar chemistry of two-dimensional heterostructures at the atomic levelHarry Chou; Ariel Ismach; Rudresh Ghosh, et al
2017-05Role of Graphene in Water-Assisted Oxidation of Copper in Relation to Dry Transfer of GrapheneDa Luo; Xueqiu You; Bao-Wen Li, et al
2015-10Rupturing C-60 Molecules into Graphene-Oxide-like Quantum Dots: Structure, Photoluminescence, and Catalytic ApplicationChen, GX; Zhuo, ZW; Ni, K, et al
2017-08Search for arc-produced heterofullerenesJohn R. Lamb; Youngwoo Kwon; Rodney S. Ruoff, et al
2015-02Selective mechanical transfer of graphene from seed copper foil using rate effectsNa S.R.; Suk J.W.; Tao L., et al
2015-12Selective Tuning of a Particular Chemical Reaction on Surfaces through Electrical Resonance: An ab Initio Molecular Dynamics StudyMasood Yousaf; Dongbin Shin; Rodney S. Ruoff, et al
2015-09Simultaneous Electrochemical Reduction and Delamination of Graphene Oxide FilmsXiaohan Wang; Iskandar Kholmanov; Harry Chou, et al
2017-03Sodide and Organic Halides Effect Covalent Functionalization of Single-Layer and Bilayer GrapheneMandakini Biswal; Xu Zhang; David Schilter, et al
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