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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-021s-intraexcitonic dynamics in monolayer MoS2 probed by ultrafast mid-infrared spectroscopyCha S.; Ji Ho Sung; Sim S., et al
2014-02A 3.5 V Lithium-Iodine Hybrid Redox Battery with Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Current CollectorZhao, Yu; Misun Hong; Mercier, Nadège Bonnet, et al
2014-10Absence of Luttinger liquid behavior in Au-Ge wires: A high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy studyJewook Park; Nakatsuji K.; Kim T.-H., et al
2018-10Accessing the Intrinsic Spin Transport in a Topological Insulator by Controlling the Crossover of Bulk-to-Surface ConductanceWonhee Ko; Giang D. Nguyen; Hoil Kim, et al
2014-07Atomic Layer-by-Layer Thermoelectric Conversion in Topological Insulator Bismuth/Antimony TelluridesJi Ho Sung; Hoseok Heo; Inchan Hwang, et al
2019-07Atomically thin three-dimensional membranes of van der Waals semiconductors by wafer-scale growthGangtae Jin; Chang-Soo Lee; Liao X., et al
2016-06Atomistic view of impurities interacting with a quasi-one-dimensional charge density waveDeok Mahn Oh; Han Woong Yeom
2016-07Band-Tail Transport of CuSCN: Origin of Hole Extraction Enhancement in Organic PhotovoltaicsKim M.; Park S.; Jeong J., et al
2016-12Broken-Symmetry Quantum Hall States in Twisted Bilayer GrapheneKim Y.; Park J.; Intek Song, et al
2015-06Charge-ordering cascade with spin–orbit Mott dimer states in metallic iridium ditellurideK.-T. Ko; H.-H. Lee; D.-H. Kim, et al
2016-08Composition Control of Plasmon-Phonon Interaction Using Topological Quantum-Phase Transition in Photoexcited (Bi1-xInx)(2)Se-3Sim, S; Park, J; Koirala, N, et al
2016-02Construction of a 3He magnetic force microscope with a vector magnetJinho Yang; Ilkyu Yang; Yun Won Kim, et al
2017-11Coplanar semiconductor-metal circuitry defined on few-layer MoTe2 via polymorphic heteroepitaxyJi Ho Sung; Hoseok Heo; Saerom Si, et al
2017-08Correlated electronic states at domain walls of a Mott-charge-density-wave insulator 1T-TaS2Doohee Cho; Gyeongcheol Gye; Jinwon Lee, et al
2019-06Crossover between Photochemical and Photothermal Oxidations of Atomically Thin Magnetic Semiconductor CrPS4Kim S.; Lee J.; Gangtae Jin, et al
2018-08Crystallisation of organic molecules with a remarkably suppressed coffee-ring effect by a drop-drying process using binary solvent core-shell dropletsYoolim Ahn; Yohwan Park; Jin Young Koo, et al
2014-08Crystallization-Induced Properties from Morphology-Controlled Organic CrystalsChilbeom Park; Ji Eun Park; Hee Cheul Choi
2015-06Deterministic Two-Dimensional Polymorphism Growth of Hexagonal n-type SnS2 and Orthorhombic p-type SnS crystalsJi-Hoon Ahn; Myoung-Jae Lee; Hoseok Heo, et al
2016-12Direct observation of the M2 phase with its Mott transition in a VO2 filmHoon Kim; Slusar T.V.; Dirk Wulferding, et al
2014-09Direct observation of the spin polarization in Au atomic wires on Si(553)H W Yeom; Sung Won Jung; Jin Sung Shin, et al
2018-03Directly Assembled 3D Molybdenum Disulfide on Silicon Wafer for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water ReductionDinsefa Mensur Andoshe; Gangtae Jin; Chang-Soo Lee, et al
2017-04Domain engineering of the metastable domains in the 4f-uniaxial-ferromagnet CeRu2 Ga2BD. Wulferding; H. Kim; I. Yang, et al
2019-08Dynamical Metal to Charge-Density-Wave Junctions in an Atomic Wire ArraySun Kyu Song; Samad, A; Wippermann, S, et al
2014-04Edge and interfacial states in a two-dimensional topological insulator: Bi(111) bilayer on Bi2Te2SeSung Hwan Kim; Jin K.-H.; Park J., et al
2019-08Electrical detection of spin-polarized current in topological insulator Bi 1.5 Sb 0.5 Te 1.7 Se 1.3Hwang T.-H.; Kim H.-S.; Hoil Kim, et al
2019-11Electrical Tuning of the Excitonic Insulator Ground State of Ta2NiSe5Keisuke Fukutani; Roland Stania; Jiwon Jung, et al
2014-03Electroluminescence from Graphene Quantum Dots Prepared by Amidative Cutting of Tattered GraphiteKwon, W; Kim, YH; Lee, CL, et al
2019-07Electroluminescence from h-BN by using Al2O3/h-BN multiple heterostructureLee, SH; Jeong, H; Kim, DY, et al
2015-12Electron Quantization in Broken Atomic WiresEui Hwan Do; Han Woong Yeom
2019-09Emergent honeycomb network of topological excitations in correlated charge density waveJae Whan Park; Cho, GY; Jinwon Lee, et al
2015-11Enhancement of the anisotropic photocurrent in ferroelectric oxides by strain gradientsChu, K.; Jang, B.-K.; Ji Ho Sung, et al
2019-03Epitaxial van der Waals Contacts between Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayer PolymorphsChang-Soo Lee; Oh S.J.; Hoseok Heo, et al
2018-10Generation, transport, and detection of valley-locked spin photocurrent in WSe2-graphene–Bi2Se3 heterostructuresSoonyoung Cha; Minji Noh; Jehyun Kim, et al
2015-09High-Conductivity Two-Dimensional Polyaniline Nanosheets Developed on Ice SurfacesChoi I.Y.; Lee J.; Ahn H., et al
2016-01Impurity-Mediated Early Condensation of a Charge Density Wave in an Atomic Wire ArrayHan Woong Yeom; Deok Mahn Oh; Stefan Wippermann, et al
2015-06Interlayer orientation-dependent light absorption and emission in monolayer semiconductor stacksHoseok Heo; Ji Ho Sung; Cha S., et al
2016-11Large-area two-dimensional bismuth selenide crystals synthesized by solution-based control of the nucleation environmentMukul Pradhan; Intek Song; Jinho Lee, et al
2016-09Layer-Confined Excitonic Insulating Phase in Ultrathin Ta2NiSe5 CrystalsKim S.Y.; Kim Y.; Kang C.-J., et al
2015-08Magnetic domain tuning and the emergence of bubble domains in the bilayer manganite La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7 (x=0.32)Juyoung Jeong; Ilkyu Yang; Jinho Yang, et al
2017-10Moiré Superstructure and Dimensional Crossover of 2D Electronic States on Nanoscale Lead Quantum FilmsHyo Sung Kim; Gyeongcheol Gye; Sung-Hoon Lee, et al
2015-03Nanoporous NiO plates with a unique role for promoted oxidation of carbonate and carboxylate species in the Li-O2 batteryMisun Hong; Hee Cheul Choi; Hye Ryung Byon
2016-07Nanoscale superconducting honeycomb charge order in IrTe2Hyo Sung Kim; Kim S.; Kim K., et al
2016-08Nature and topology of the low-energy states in ZrTe5Moreschini, L; Johannsen, JC; Berger, H, et al
2016-06Nonvortical Rashba Spin Structure on a Surface with C1h SymmetryEmilia Annese; Takuya Kuzumaki; Beate Müller, et al
2015-08Observation of tunable band gap and anisotropic Dirac semimetal state in black phosphorusHighly Cited PaperKim J.; Baik S.S.; Sae Hee Ryu, et al
2014-10Oxygen adsorbates on the Si(111) 4×1 -In metallic atomic wire: Scanning tunneling microscopy and density-functional theory calculationsDeok Mahn Oh; Wippermann S.; Schmidt W.G., et al
2014-01Patternable large-scale molybdenium disulfide atomic layers grown by gold-assisted chemical vapor depositionIntek Song; Chibeom Park; Misun Hong, et al
2016-05Physical properties of the Ce2MAl7Ge4 heavy-fermion compounds (M = Co, Ir, Ni, Pd)Ghimire, NJ; Cary, SK; Eley, S, et al
2019-04Position-selective solution phase growth of fullerene crystalsChibeom Park; Jinho Lee; Lee M., et al
2016-08Probing distinct fullerene formation processes from carbon precursors of different sizes and structuresHan J.Y.; Choi T.S.; Soyoung Kim, et al
2013-11Quantum Confinement Effects in Transferrable Silicon Nanomembranes and Their Applications on Unusual SubstratesJang, Houk; Lee, Wonho; Won, Sang M., et al
2017-08Rapid Photochemical Synthesis of Sea-Urchin-Shaped Hierarchical Porous COF-5 and Its Lithography-Free Patterned GrowthSoyoung Kim; Chibeom Park; Minkyung Lee, et al
2015-11Realization of a Strained Atomic Wire SuperlatticeInkyung Song; Jung Suk Goh; Sung-Hoon Lee, et al
2017-05Reverse Anti-solvent Crystallization Process for the Facile Synthesis of Zinc Tetra(4-pyridyl)porphyrin Single Crystalline CubesYohwan Park; Hong M.; Jin Young Koo, et al
2018-08Role of Spin Hall Effect in the Topological Side Surface ConductionJekwan Lee; Sangwan Sim; Soohyun Park, et al
2015-07Rotation-Misfit-Free Heteroepitaxial Stacking and Stitching Growth of Hexagonal Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers by Nucleation Kinetics ControlsHoseok Heo; Ji Ho Sung; Gangtae Jin, et al
2015-12Schottky barrier contrasts in single and bi-layer graphene contacts for MoS2 field-effect transistorHyewon Du; Taekwang Kim; Somyeong Shin, et al
2015-04Selective growth of a C70 crystal in a mixed solvent system: From cube to tubeJungah Kim; Chibeom Park; Hee Cheul Choi
2016-11Selectively tunable optical Stark effect of anisotropic excitons in atomically thin ReS2Sim, S; Lee, D; Noh, M, et al
2019-03Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations of massive Dirac fermions in a Dirac antiferromagnet SrMnSb2Jung Sang You; Lee, I; Choi, ES, et al
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