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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07A Photoresponsive Smart Covalent Organic FrameworkHuang, N; Ding, XS; Jangbae Kim, et al
2014-04Anti-counterfeit nanoscale fingerprints based on randomly distributed nanowiresJangbae Kim; Je Moon Yun; Jongwook Jung, et al
2016-11Atomistic characterization of the active-site solvation dynamics of a model photocatalystVan Driel T.B.; Kjaer K.S.; Hartsock R.W., et al
2017-11Charge Transfer-Induced Torsional Dynamics in the Excited State of 2,6-Bis(diphenylamino)anthraquinoneJungkweon Choi; Doo-Sik Ahn; Key Young Oang, et al
2014-04Coherent oscillations in chlorosome elucidated by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopySunhong Jun; Cheolhee Yang; Isaji M., et al
2016-02Combined probes of X-ray scattering and optical spectroscopy reveal how global conformational change is temporally and spatially linked to local structural perturbation in photoactive yellow proteinTae Wu Kim; Cheolhee Yang; Youngmin Kim, et al
2014-03Conformational substates of myoglobin intermediate resolved by picosecond X-ray solution scatteringKey Young Oang; Jong Goo Kim; Cheolhee Yang, et al
2013-11Conjugated organic framework with three-dimensionally ordered stable structure and delocalized π cloudsHighly Cited PaperJia Guo; Yanhong Xu; Shangbin Jin, et al
2016-03Cooperative protein structural dynamics of homodimeric hemoglobin linked to water cluster at subunit interface revealed by time-resolved X-ray solution scatteringJong Goo Kim; Srinivasan Muniyappan; Key Young Oang, et al
2013-09Correlation between Functionality Preference of Ru Carbenes and exo/endo Product Selectivity for Clarifying the Mechanism of Ring-closing Enyne MetathesisLee, Ok Suk; Kyung Hwan Kim; Kim, Jinwoo, et al
2015-02Direct observation of bond formation in solution with femtosecond X-ray scatteringKyung Hwan Kim; Jong Goo Kim; Nozawa S., et al
2020-02Effect of Occluded Ligand Migration on the Kinetics and Structural Dynamics of Homodimeric HemoglobinHanui Kim; Jong Goo Kim; Srinivasan Muniyappan, et al
2019-08Elongated Lifetime and Enhanced Flux of Hot Electrons on a Perovskite Plasmonic NanodiodeYujin Park; Jungkweon Choi; Changhwan Lee, et al
2019-06Fate of transient isomer of CH2I2: Mechanism and origin of ionic photoproducts formation unveiled by time-resolved x-ray liquidographySungjun Park; Jungkweon Choi; Hosung Ki, et al
2013-01Femtosecond X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy at a Hard X-ray Free Electron Laser: Application to Spin Crossover DynamicsLemke, Henrik T.; Bressler, Christian; Chen, Lin X., et al
2016-04Femtosecond X-ray solution scattering reveals that bond formation mechanism of a gold trimer complex is independent of excitation wavelengthKyung Hwan Kim; Jong Goo Kim; Key Young Oang, et al
2013-02Filming the Birth of Molecules and Accompanying Solvent RearrangementLee, Jae Hyuk; Wulff, Michael; Bratos, Savo, et al
2019-04Formation of the Charge-Localized Dimer Radical Cation of 2-Ethyl-9,10-dimethoxyanthracene in Solution PhaseJungkweon Choi; Doo-Sik Ahn; Mamoru Fujitsuka, et al
2013-11Global reaction pathways in the photodissociation of I3- ion in solution at 267 and 400 nm studied by picosecond X-ray liquidographyKyung Hwan Kim; Hosung Ki; Key Young Oang, et al
2013-08High-throughput instant quantification of protein expression and purity based on photoactive yellow protein turn off/on labelYoung Min Kim; Prabhakar Ganesan; Hyot Cherl Ihee
2015-08Identifying the major intermediate species by combining time-resolved X-ray solution scattering and X-ray absorption spectroscopyKyung Hwan Kim; Kim J.; Key Young Oang, et al
2015-03Implicit vs. Explicit Solvent Models for Calculating X-ray Solution Scattering CurvesPrabhakar Ganesan; Jong Goo Kim; Lee J.H., et al
2017-09Kinetics of the E46Q mutant of photoactive yellow protein investigated by transient grating spectroscopyCheolhee Yang; Tae Wu Kim; Youngmin Kim, et al
2012-12Microtubes with Rectangular Cross-Section by Self-Assembly of a Short β-Peptide FoldamerJangbae Kim; Kwon, Sunbum; Kim, Su Hyun, et al
2014-01Molecular reaction and solvation visualized by time-resolved X-ray solution scattering: Structure, dynamics, and their solvent dependenceKyung Hwan Kim; Jeongho Kim; Jae Hyuk Lee, et al
2013-05Multireference Ab Initio Study of the Ground and Low-Lying Excited States of Cr(CO)2 and Cr(CO)3Joonghan Kim; Jeongho Kim; Hyot Cherl Ihee
2017-02Photocycle of Photoactive Yellow Protein in Cell-Mimetic Environments: Molecular Volume Changes and KineticsCheolhee Yang; Seong Ok Kim; Yonggwan Kim, et al
2016-09Preference of Ruthenium-Based Metathesis Catalysts toward Z- and E-Alkenes as a Guide for Selective Reactions to Alkene StereoisomersLee J.; Kyung Hwan Kim; Lee O.S., et al
2013-10Prospect of retrieving vibrational wave function by single-object scattering samplingHosung Ki; Kyung Hwan Kim; Kim J., et al
2013-12Protein energy landscapes determined by five-dimensional crystallographySchmidt, M.; Srajer, V.; Henning, R., et al
2018-11Protein Structural Dynamics of Wild-Type and Mutant Homodimeric Hemoglobin Studied by Time-Resolved X-Ray Solution ScatteringCheolhee Yang; Minseo Choi; Jong Goo Kim, et al
2015-12Proton Transfer of Guanine Radical Cations Studied by Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy Combined with Pulse RadiolysisJungkweon Choi; Cheolhee Yang; Mamoru Fujitsuka, et al
2014-03Pump-probe x-ray solution scattering reveals accelerated folding of cytochrome c upon suppression of misligationTae Wu Kim; Jong Goo Kim; Cheolhee Yang, et al
2014-04Reply to 'Contradictions in X-ray structures of intermediates in the photocycle of photoactive yellow protein'Yang Ouk Jung; Lee, J.H.; Kim, J., et al
2016-03Reply to comment on 'Proton Transfer of Guanine Radical Cations Studied by Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy Combined with Pulse Radiolysis'Jungkweon Choi; Cheolhee Yang; Fujitsuka M., et al
2015-07Role of thermal excitation in ultrafast energy transfer in chlorosomes revealed by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopySunhong Jun; Cheolhee Yang; Tae Wu Kim, et al
2015-12Rotational dephasing of a gold complex probed by anisotropic femtosecond x-ray solution scattering using an x-ray free-electron laserJong Goo Kim; Kyung Hwan Kim; Key Young Oang, et al
2013-02Simple super-resolution live-cell imaging based on diffusion-assisted Forster resonance energy transferCho, Sangyeon; Jang, Jaeduck; Song, Chaeyeon, et al
2015-07Single-step fabrication of quantum funnels via centrifugal colloidal casting of nanoparticle filmsKim, JY; Adinolfi, V; Sutherland, BR, et al
2019-11Solvent-dependent complex reaction pathways of bromoform revealed by time-resolved X-ray solution scattering and X-ray transient absorption spectroscopyQingyu Kong; Dmitry Khakhulin; Ilya A. Shkrob, et al
2013-04Solvent-Dependent Molecular Structure of Ionic Species Directly Measured by Ultrafast X-Ray Solution ScatteringKyung Hwan Kim; Jae Hyuk Lee; Kim, Joonghan, et al
2015-04Solvent-dependent structure of molecular iodine probed by picosecond X-ray solution scatteringKyung Hwan Kim; Hosung Ki; Jae Hyuk Lee, et al
2019-12Sterically Controlled Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer Dynamics in SolutionJungkweon Choi; Doo-Sik Ahn; Sol-Yi Gal, et al
2019-03Structural Dynamics of Bismuth Triiodide in Solution Triggered by Photoinduced Ligand-to-Metal Charge TransferEun Hyuk Choi; Doo-Sik Ahn; Sungjun Park, et al
2014-10Sub-100-ps structural dynamics of horse heart myoglobin probed by time-resolved X-ray solution scatteringKye Young Oang; Kyung Hwan Kim; Junbeom Jo, et al
2019-08Sub-nanosecond secondary geminate recombination in mercury halides HgX2 (X = I, Br) investigated by time-resolved x-ray scatteringDenis Leshchev; Dmitry Khakhulin; Gemma Newby, et al
2019-03SVD-aided non-orthogonal decomposition (SANOD) method to exploit prior knowledge of spectral components in the analysis of time-resolved dataHosung Ki; Yunbeom Lee; Eun Hyuk Choi, et al
2017-07SVD-aided pseudo principal-component analysis: A new method to speed up and improve determination of the optimum kinetic model from time-resolved dataKey Young Oang; Cheolhee Yang; Srinivasan Muniyappan, et al
2015-08The time scale of the quaternary structural changes in hemoglobin revealed using the transient grating techniqueCheolhee Yang; Jungkweon Choi; Hyotcherl Ihee
2016-01Tracking reaction dynamics in solution by pump-probe X-ray absorption spectroscopy and X-ray liquidography (solution scattering)Kim, Jeongho; Kyung Hwan Kim; Key Young Oang, et al
2019-04Ultrafast charge transfer coupled with lattice phonons in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworksTae Wu Kim; Sunhong Jun; Yoonhoo Ha, et al
2014-03Ultrafast energy transfer in chlorosome probed by femtosecond pump-probe polarization anisotropySunhong Jun; Tae Wu Kim; Cheolhee Yang, et al
2015-04Ultrafast myoglobin structural dynamics observed with an X-ray free-electron laserLevantino M.; Schiro G.; Lemke H.T., et al
2013-03Volume-conserving trans-cis isomerization pathways in photoactive yellow protein visualized by picosecond X-ray crystallographyYang Ouk Jung; Lee, Jae Hyuk; Kim, Joonghan, et al