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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08A mathematical model relating cortical oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin flows and volumes to neural activityCornelius, NR; Nishimura, N; Minah Suh, et al
2016-03A New Tailored Sinc Pulse and Its Use for Multiband Pulse DesignJinil Park; Jang-Yeon Park
2019-07A new ultrafast 3D gradient echo‐based imaging method using quadratic‐phase encodingJae‐Kyun Ryu; SoHyun Han; Se‐Hong Oh, et al
2016-05A radial sampling strategy for uniform k-space coverage with retrospective respiratory gating in 3D ultrashort-echo-time lung imagingJinil Park; Taehoon Shin; Soon Ho Yoon, et al
2016-06A soft, transparent, freely accessible cranial window for chronic imaging and electrophysiologyChaejeong Heo; Hyejin Park; Yong-Tae Kim, et al
2015-05Accelerated dynamic cardiac MRI exploiting sparse-Kalman-smoother self-calibration and reconstruction (k - T SPARKS)Suhyung Park; Jaeseok Park
2015-10Adaptation of cortical activity to sustained pressure stimulation on the fingertipYoon Gi Chung; Sang Woo Han; Hyung‑Sik Kim, et al
2017-08Adaptive Encoding of Outcome Prediction by Prefrontal Cortex Ensembles Supports Behavioral FlexibilityDel Arco, A; Park, J; Wood, J, et al
2017-10Age-related connectivity differences between attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder patients and typically developing subjects: a resting-state functional MRI studyJisu Hong; Bo-yong Park; Hwan-ho Cho, et al
2017-10Agmatine modulates the phenotype of macrophage acute phase after spinal cord injury in ratsJae Hwan Kim; Jae Young Kim; Chin Hee Mun, et al
2017-03Agreement between functional connectivity and cortical thickness-driven correlation maps of the medial frontal cortexHyunjin Park; Yeong-Hun Park; Jungho Cha, et al
2016-05Alternating steady state free precession for estimation of current-induced magnetic flux density: A feasibility studyHyunyeol Lee; Jeong, Woo Chul; Kim, Hyung Joong, et al
2017-07Amperometric microsensors monitoring glutamate-evoked in situ responses of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide from live human neuroblastoma cellsYejin Ha; Chaejeong Heo; Juhyun Woo, et al
2017-05An indirect method for in vivo T-2 mapping of [1-C-13] pyruvate using hyperpolarized C-13 CSIEunhae Joe; Hansol Lee; Joonsung Lee, et al
2018-05Anatomical Inputs From the Sensory and Value Structures to the Tail of the Rat StriatumHaiyan Jiang; Hyung F.Kim
2017-08Autism Spectrum Disorder Related Functional Connectivity Changes in the Language Network in Children, Adolescents and AdultsYubu Lee; Bo-yong Park; Oliver James, et al
2016-01Bioabsorbable polymer optical waveguides for deep-tissue photomedicineSedat Nizamoglu; Malte C. Gather; Matjaž Humar, et al
2015-12Bioorthogonal click chemistry-based synthetic cell glueHeebeom Koo; Myunghwan Choi; Eunha Kim, et al
2017-03Building better biomarkers: Brain models in translational neuroimagingHighly Cited PaperChoong-Wan Woo; Luke J Chang; Martin A Lindquist, et al
2018-03Cell-Penetrating Function of the Poly(ADP-Ribose) (PAR)-Binding Motif Derived from the PAR-Dependent E3 Ubiquitin Ligase IdunaJa-Hyun Koo; Heeseok Yoon; Won-ju Kim, et al
2017-12Cellular Behavior Controlled by Bio-Inspired and Geometry-Tunable NanohairsChaejeong Heo; Chanho Jeong; Hyeon Seong Im, et al
2016-06Cerebral Hemodynamics and Vascular Reactivity in Mild and Severe Ischemic Rodent Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Stroke ModelsJeongeun Sim; Areum Jo; Bok-Man Kang, et al
2019-01Cerebrovascular reactivity as a determinant of deep white matter hyperintensities in migraineMi Ji Lee; Bo-Yong Park; Soohyun Cho, et al
2019-06Chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging of phosphocreatine in the muscleJulius Juhyun Chung; Tao Jin; Jung Hee Lee, et al
2017-09Chemical-exchange-sensitive MRI of amide, amine and NOE at 9.4T versus 15.2TJulius Juhyun Chung; Wonmin Choi; Tao Jin, et al
2018-02Childhood maltreatment is associated with increased neural response to ambiguous threatening facial expressions in adulthood: Evidence from the late positive potentialAislinn Sandre; Paige Ethridge; Insub Kim, et al
2015-12Chronic Stress Decreases Cerebrovascular Responses During Rat Hindlimb Electrical StimulationSohee Lee; Bok-Man Kang; Min-Kyoo Shin, et al
2018-11Classification of the glioma grading using radiomics analysisHwan-ho Cho; Seung-hak Lee; Jonghoon Kim, et al
2019-07Clinical impact of variability on CT radiomics and suggestions for suitable feature selection: A focus on lung cancerSeung-Hak Lee; Hyunjin Park; Ho Yun Lee, et al
2017-07Cobll1 is linked to drug resistance and blastic transformation in chronic myeloid leukemiaSH Han; S-H Kim; H-J Kim, et al
2019-10Cognitive self-regulation influences pain-related physiologyGordon M. Matthewson; Choong-Wan Woo; Marianne C. Reddan, et al
2016-05Connectivity Analysis and Feature Classification in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Sub-Types: A Task Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging StudyBo-yong Park; Mansu Kim; Jongbum Seo, et al
2016-01Connectivity differences between adult male and female patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder according to resting-state fMRIBo-yong Park; Hyunjin Park
2018-06Deciphering Clinicoradiologic Phenotype for Thymidylate Synthase Expression Status in Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma Using a Radiomics ApproachSo won Lee; Hyunjin Park; Ho Yun Lee, et al
2015-06Decoding Accuracy in Supplementary Motor Cortex Correlates with Perceptual Sensitivity to Tactile RoughnessJunsuk Kim; Yoon Gi Chung; Jang-Yeon Park, et al
2016-11Designs and processes toward high-aspect-ratio nanostructures at the deep nanoscale: Unconventional nanolithography and its applicationsSori Lee; Byeonghak Park; Jun Sik Kim, et al
2018-03DEWS (DEep White matter hyperintensity Segmentation framework): A fully automated pipeline for detecting small deep white matter hyperintensities in migraineursBo-Yong Park; Mi Ji Lee; Seung-hak Lee, et al
2016-10Distinct neural mechanisms for spatially lateralized and spatially global visual working memory representationsKeisuke Fukuda; Min-Suk Kang; Geoffrey F. Woodman
2017-07Distortion correction in diffusion-weighted imaging of the breast: Performance assessment of prospective, retrospective, and combined (prospective plus retrospective) approachesIleana Hancu; Seung-Kyun Lee; Keith Hulsey, et al
2015-01Distributed functions of detection and discrimination of vibrotactile stimuli in the hierarchical human somatosensory systemKim, J; Muller, KR; Yoon Gi Chung, et al
2015-09dNP2 is a blood-brain barrier-permeable peptide enabling ctCTLA-4 protein delivery to ameliorate experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisLim, S.; Kim, W.-J.; Kim, Y.-H., et al
2015-11Dopamine Neurons Encoding Long-Term Memory of Object Value for Habitual BehaviorHyoung F. Kim; Ali Ghazizadeh; Okihide Hikosaka
2016-10Dramatically Enhanced Mechanosensitivity and Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Nanoscale Crack-Based Sensors: Effect of Crack DepthByeonghak Park; Jisun Kim; Daeshik Kang, et al
2016-09Dual Electrochemical Microsensor for Real-Time Simultaneous Monitoring of Nitric Oxide and Potassium Ion Changes in a Rat Brain during Spontaneous Neocortical Epileptic SeizureJungmi Moon; Yejin Ha; Misun Kim, et al
2014-11Dual MRI T-1 and T-2(()*()) contrast with size-controlled iron oxide nanoparticlesJung, H; Park, B; Lee, C, et al
2019-12Dynamic functional connectivity of the migraine brain: a resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging studyMi Ji Lee; Bo-yong Park; Soohyun Cho, et al
2016-05Effect of Attention on the Initiation of Binocular RivalryYaelan Jung; Min-Suk Kang; Sang Chul Chong
2019-11Effect of Prior Direction Expectation on the Accuracy and Precision of Smooth Pursuit Eye MovementsSeolmin Kim; Jeongjun Park; Joonyeol Lee
2017-09Effective Assembly of Nano-Ceramic Materials for High and Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity in a Polymer CompositeHaeleen Hong; Jong Uk Kim; Tae-il Kim
2017-12Effects of tumor microenvironments on targeted delivery of glycol chitosan nanoparticlesYhee, JY; Jeon, S; Yoon, HY, et al
2018-08Efficient Experimental Design for Measuring Magnetic Susceptibility of Arbitrarily Shaped Materials by MRISeon-ha Hwang; Seung-Kyun Lee
2019-12Ensemble representations reveal distinct neural coding of visual working memoryOh B.-I.; Yee-Joon Kim; Min-Suk Kang
2019-12European Ultrahigh-Field Imaging Network for Neurodegenerative Diseases (EUFIND)Emrah D€uzel; Julio Acosta-Cabronero; David Berron, et al
2013-12Fabrication and application of flexible, multimodal light-emitting devices for wireless optogeneticsMcCall, Jordan G.; Tae-il Kim; Shin, Gunchul, et al
2019-08Fabrication of a spherical inclusion phantom for validation of magnetic resonance-based magnetic susceptibility imagingJun-Ho Kim; Jung-Hyun Kim; So-Hee Lee, et al
2016-07Factors forming the BRCA1-A complex orchestrate BRCA1 recruitment to the sites of DNA damageJoonyoung Her; Nam Soo Lee; Yonghwan Kim, et al
2019-07False-positive neuroimaging: Undisclosed flexibility in testing spatial hypotheses allows presenting anything as a replicated findingYongWook Hong; Yejong Yoo; Tor D. Wager, et al
2017-11Flexible and Stable Value Coding Areas in Caudate Head and Tail Receive Anatomically Distinct Cortical and Subcortical InputsGriggs, WS; Hyoung F. Kim; Ghazizadeh, A, et al
2017-11Flow-suppressed hyperpolarized 13C chemical shift imaging using velocity-optimized bipolar gradient in mouse liver tumors at 9.4 THansol Lee; Joonsung Lee; Eunhae Joe, et al
2017-03Frontal-Brainstem Pathways Mediating Placebo Effects on Social RejectionLeonie Koban; Ethan Kross; Choong-Wan Woo, et al
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