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1 Analyzing chaos in higher order disordered quartic-sextic Klein-Gordon lattices using q-statistics / Chris G. Antonopoulos; Charalampos Skokos; Tassos Bountis; Sergej Flach ( PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, CHAOS SOLITONS & FRACTALS, v.104, no., pp.129 - 134, 201711 )
2 Reconfiguration of quantum states in PT-symmetric quasi-one-dimensional lattices / Jung-Wan Ryu; Nojoon Myoung; Hee Chul Park ( NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, no., pp.8746 -, 201708 )
3 Amplitude death in a ring of nonidentical nonlinear oscillators with unidirectional coupling / Jung-Wan Ryu; Jong-Ho Kim; Woo-Sik Son; Dong-Uk Hwang ( AMER INST PHYSICS, CHAOS, v.27, no., pp.083119 - , 201708 )
4 Flat bands in lattices with non-Hermitian coupling / Daniel Leykam; Sergej Flach; Y. D. Chong ( AMER PHYSICAL SOC, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.96, no., pp.064305 - , 201708 )
5 Stability through asymmetry: Modulationally stable nonlinear supermodes of asymmetric non-Hermitian optical couplers / Yannis Kominis; Tassos Bountis; Sergej Flach ( AMER PHYSICAL SOCAmerican Physical Society, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.95, no.6, pp.063832 - , 201706 )
6 Scattering from surface fractals in terms of composing mass fractals / A. Yu. Cherny; E. M. Anitas; V. A. Osipov; A. I. Kuklin ( WILEY-BLACKWELL, JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, v.50, no., pp.919 - 931, 201706 ) View File (1291kb)
7 Intermittent many-body dynamics at equilibrium / Carlo Danieli; D.K. Campbell; Sergej Flach ( American Physical Society, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.95, no.6, pp.060202 -, 201706 ) View File (2119kb)
8 Paramagnetic resonance in spin-polarized disordered Bose-Einstein condensates / V. M. Kovalev; I. G. Savenko ( NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, no.1, pp.2076 -, 201705 ) View File (438kb)
9 Multivalley engineering in semiconductor microcavities / Meng Sun; Ivan G. Savenko; H. Flayac; T. C. H. Liew ( NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, Scientific Reports, v.7, no., pp.45243 -, 201704 ) View File (896kb)
10 Nonlinear entangled quantum dynamics in many-body systems with strong electron correlation / Jongbae Hong ( WORLD SCIENTIFIC PUBL CO PTE LTD, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS B, v.31, no.10, pp.1742009-1 - 1742009-22, 201704 )