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Interaction-induced connectivity of disordered two-particle states

Title : Interaction-induced connectivity of disordered two-particle states
Authors : Krimer, DO; S. Flach
Issue Date : 201503
Journal : PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.91, no.10, pp.100201 -
Abstract : We study the interaction-induced connectivity in the Fock space of two particles in a disordered onedimensional potential. Recent computational studies showed that the largest localization length xi(2) of two interacting particles in a weakly random tight-binding chain is increasing unexpectedly slow relative to the single-particle localization length xi(1), questioning previous scaling estimates. We show this to be a consequence of the approximate restoring of momentum conservation of weakly localized single-particle eigenstates, and disorder-induced phase shifts for partially overlapping states. The leading resonant links appear among states which share the same energy and momentum. We substantiate our analytical approach by computational studies for up to xi(1) = 1000. A potential nontrivial scaling regime sets in for xi(1) approximate to 400
ISSN : 1098-0121
Language : English
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