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Welcome to the publication repository of the Institute for Basic Science.
This is an online service giving access to bibliographic data and full-texts about research publications produced by the research centers of IBS.
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Nanoscale manipulation of the Mott insulating state coupled to charge order in 1T-TaS2

The controllability over strongly correlated electronic states promises unique electronic devices. A recent example is an optically induced ultrafast switching device based on the transition between the correlated Mott insulating state and a metallic state of a transition metal dichalcogenide 1T-TaS2. However, the electronic switching has been challenging and... read more

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Dietary antigens limit mucosal immunity by inducing regulatory T cells in the small intestine

Dietary antigens are normally rendered non-immunogenic through a poorly understood “oral tolerance” mechanism that involves immunosuppressive regulatory T (Treg) cells, especially Treg cells induced from conventional T cells in the periphery (pTregs). While orally introducing nominal protein antigens induces such pTreg cells, whether a typical diet induces a population of pTreg cells...read more

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DGenome-wide target specificities of CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases revealed by multiplex Digenome-seq

We present multiplex Digenome-seq to profile genome-wide specificities of up to 11 CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases simultaneously, saving time and reducing cost. Cell-free human genomic DNA was digested using multiple sgRNAs combined with the Cas9 protein and then subjected to whole genome sequencing. In vitro cleavage patterns, characteristic of on- and off-target sites ...read more

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Hot Paper selected by Thomson Reuters

Title : Regulation of MicroRNA Biogenesis MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that function as guide molecules in RNA silencing. Targeting most protein-coding transcripts, miRNAs are involved in nearly all developmental and pathological processes in animals. The biogenesis of miRNAs is under tight temporal and spatial control, and their dysregulation is associated with many human diseases, particularly cancer... read more

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